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7 Ways to Invest in the Metaverse


When you hear the term “Metaverse,” you think of a multidimensional possibility. Metaverse is very often used to explain the idea of a futuristic version of the internet. It borrows from “Snow Crash,” a 1992 sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson.

In the virtual world, users can hang out with friends; they can shop, do business, work, buy and sell, offer services, etc. Are you thinking Matrix? Like a sci-fi thriller, the metaverse is expected to usher in the new age. A universe where virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR) converge with the physical world.

The good news for investors is that you can already gain investment exposure to the growth of the Metaverse. Read on to find out.

Metaverse Stocks, Tokens, ETFs, and NFTs

Facebook Metaverse.

Currently, you can invest in the metaverse through a variety of investment vehicles, including stocks, ETFs, digital tokens, and NFTs. Now, let’s take look at what’s available.

1. Facebook Stock (FB)

Metaverse segment: Hardware and apps

Market value: $985.92 billion

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t kidding around when he referred to the Metaverse. Recently, Facebook invested $50 million to build the metaverse with a focus on VR and AR. The vision is to develop hardware for Oculus VR headsets and also AR glasses and wristband technologies. The idea is to reach as many users as possible. Without a doubt, this concept puts them on the front line of technological evolution and probably makes Facebook one of the best metaverse stocks to invest in.

2. Nvidia Stock (NVDA)

Metaverse segment: Infrastructure

Market value: $546.55 billion

Known as the entity that produces graphics and video processing chips applied in high-end computing servers, Nvidia also has interests in supercomputers, AI, and VR applications. Nvidia Chips are most likely to power up the metaverse with a large amount of processing power. In a bid to grow the Metaverse, Nvidia has driven the Omniverse digital platform for virtual collaboration and simulation. Nvidia carries a favorable growth Score and a top Zacks Rank.

3. Microsoft Stock (MSFT)

Metaverse segment: Software

Market value: $2286.11 billion

When it comes to a safe bet then it’s got to be Microsoft, the old guardian of the emerging metaverse. Recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the company was working to build an “enterprise metaverse.” It is building on the IoT platform, cloud computing, digital twins, and mixed reality to develop the future of the company’s professional software and market leadership. Microsoft has introduced cutting-edge development like sensor technologies, edge computing devices, and a few key cloud computing tools like Azure IoT, Azure Digital Twins, and Azure Maps.

4. Roblox Stock (RBLX)

Metaverse segment: Virtual entertainment platform

Market value: $43.5 billion

You may wonder how this one figured on our list but wait for it. Roblox is a one-of-a-kind online entertainment platform that enables people to develop games. The platform has 202 million monthly active users, a substantial increase from last year’s 146 million. Early this year, in an investor presentation, the company’s CEO David Baszucki named the Roblox team “shepherds of the metaverse”. Age is not a bar on this platform as in the CEO’s own words, “Roblox welcomes 6-year-olds and, at the same time, welcomes 30-year-olds.”

Finally, Roblox perceives its platform as a space for both fun and games with engaging experiences, like concerts. Roblox has observed growing revenues on its platform and business model. As of October 2021, their market cap stands at $43.02 billion. Considering these figures and burgeoning user statistics, the RBX stock should be a priority investment for your portfolio.

5. Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (META)

The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF offers exposure to the growth of the Metaverse by tracking the performance of the Ball Metaverse Index (“META Index”), which is composed of a basket of stocks that are actively developing products and services geared towards the metaverse.

6. LAND in Decentraland (LAND)

Metaverse sector: Virtual real estate

Market value: $43.5 billion

Decentraland created quite the buzz when investors started making profits of more than 500% from trading in digital land back in 2018. Recently, an NFT token of a set of land in Decentraland traded for a mind-boggling $913,808 worth of MANA, the virtual world’s native token.

Created by a group of developers in Argentina in 2016, Decentraland is one of the first virtual multiplayer role-playing games on the Ethereum blockchain. Whereas you cannot stay or visit here physically, you can buy and sell land in Decentraland—a virtual world. Ownership of Decentraland virtual properties is readily transferable and prevents fraud. Each NFT token cannot be forged or duplicated.

7. The Sandbox Token (SAND)

Metaverse sector:  Virtual games

Sandbox is a virtual world in which players build, own, and profit from their gaming experiences. The action occurs on the Ethereum blockchain applying the platform’s utility token.

BONUS: Metaverse Index Token (INDEX)

Metaverse Index Token has been designed by Index Coop. The Index Cooperative token is the primary governance token of the Index Cooperative. On this platform, investors can purchase the index, to get access to tokens available in the metaverse category.

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