A revolutionary project for NFT objects

A revolutionary project for NFT objects


In 2021, we are hearing more and more about NFT projects. There is a tendency to own the original digital artifact. I really liked the Envoy Network project. The project aims to be a huge support in the NFT space, aiming to revolutionize the industry by bringing to the fore a whole new perspective on digital creations. Envoy Network positions itself as an NFT premium agency. This means that on the project site, the possible purchase and placement of premium works (famous modern designers, artists).

This project is like an evolutionary space for digital artists! I think this project will be a very successful find for a creative person!

What is the strength of Envoy Network? 

The project recently showed its strength in hosting NFT’s “Decentraboard”, showcased through a giant digital billboard in New York’s iconic Times Square. 

Thus, all the works that were posted there were in the center of attention of potential buyers.

You can also participate in such an original ad placement for your work, and still be completely sure that your creation will be bought!

This article is about the Times Square event in New York. You can get acquainted with the event in detail 


Billboard with works 




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