ALGO, HOT, LTC, REEF, And FET Price Are On the Verge Of Breakout!

ALGO, HOT, LTC, REEF, And FET Price Are On the Verge Of Breakout!


The broader crypto space has been gaining a lot of curiosity from traders with each passing day. Top leaders of the space Bitcoin and Etheruem declutched themselves from the exploiting bearish supremacy. While these star cryptos reconsider the crucial support, SHIB price has outperformed them with 42.30% gains in the last week. Yet Cardano and XRP prices remained inert.  

Meanwhile, the total altcoin market cap is floating around a crucial resistance of $1.421 trillion. Besides, prime altcoins with a decent market cap are on the verge of a major breakout. It appears both could act as critical catalysts to each other in the approaching bull cycle. However, the popular crypto analyst Micheal Van De Poppe has mentioned a few altcoins to buy for the week, which could bring significant profits.  

Holochain (HOT) Price:

Holochain (HOT) is a peer-to-peer network, imitating its price momentum since mid-2021 when the altcoin corrected before skyrocketing to an ATH of $0.03157. The analyst says, HOT appears to watch out for support around area $0.006557 to $0.00733 and the token could explode from there. According to Van De Poppe, the HOT price could smash $0.015, with significant gains of over 30% from the present price.

Algorand (ALGO) Price: 

Algorand, a permissionless pure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism is been trading around $1.86 at the press time. The analyst manifests ALGO price to depreciate by another 20 to 25% to retest between $1.24 and $1.55 support. He expects the altcoin price to recapitulate uptrend momentum up to $2.17 from there. 

Reef (REEF) Price: 

Reef, a platform built on Polkadot blockchain experienced a spike in trading volume by 52.53% in the last 24 hours. Micheal Van De Poppe predicts that REEF price will fall to the bottom level of $0.025. Later rebounding to $0.033, he expects the price to take a leap by 20% reaching a high of $0.043.

Litecoin (LTC) Price: 

Litecoin, which has recently celebrated its decadal celebration had no significant gains in recent days. A decent spike in altcoin’s trading volume by 7.19% round the clock has generated a ray of hope among the holders. Analyst awaits for the Litecoin price to reclaim the support levels between $215 and $225. Further, he mentioned the target levels of $279.16 in the upcoming bull run. (FET) Price: (FET), which intends to facilitate smart contract capabilities for decentralized problem solving is experiencing a decent correction. The analyst recalled the recent ATH achievement of FET price. The altcoin is undergoing a heavy correction since its bull run, he added. He expects altcoin to retest the $0.62 and $0.45 price levels before going to another massive rally. He mentioned the target level for the asset to $1.68 in its next marathon.

Collectively, the leaders of the market Bitcoin and Ethereum are undergoing a key correction. Above mentioned altcoins possess the strong potential to drag the Cash-flow momentum towards themselves for some time now. Hence, the future of these altcoins looks bright. 

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