Alpha Mining Project Set To Become Largest Crypto Mine In North America

China accounts for over 60% of global Bitcoin mining, but a new project is about to change that. The Alpha Project by BitPlus is a 50 million dollar project aiming to create the biggest crypto mining operation in North America. BitPlus is an American-based blockchain infrastructure and financial technology firm that specializes in the enhancement of systems through blockchain technology. 

The largest expense associated with cryptocurrency mining operations is the cost of electricity. This is where BitPlus shines, by efficiently producing their own electricity at very competitive costs per KWH. The company utilizes energy sources from surplus grid capacity and its hydropower stations, adding a much needed environmentally-friendly component to crypto mining.

Accredited Investors can participate in the Alpha Project

Through low electricity costs and strategic partnerships, BitPlus is building the Alpha Project, a large-scale mining operation set out by a team of experts. The costs associated with mining one Bitcoin (BTC) are approximately $6,850, while for Bitplus, the price is estimated at $4,442 per Bitcoin (BTC), 30% cheaper than the regular cost. This offers a unique opportunity for investors to take part in a project that promises to deliver an amazing infrastructure. 

Offering a 4-year commitment, the project seeks to provide partners with quarterly distributions or a reinvestment model to continuously grow their portfolio. Rates for managing and processing are estimated at about 5%, while profits per share can reach an estimated 70%. 

The Alpha Project will expand its operations with the purchase of a 90 megawatts operating mining facility in America and a staged build-out of a 200 megawatts mining facility in Canada. Once completed, BitPlus will become the largest mining operation in North America. Due to the scalable and massive megawatt capability, the Alpha Project has the potential to continuously grow its crypto mine operations, offering a unique opportunity for investors.

In addition, BitPlus has developed the most cost-effective and environmentally safe mining solution by utilizing a state-of-the-art mobile mining rig composed of a 40ft a shipping container is known as Mobile Mining Rigs (MMR’s), which utilizes cutting edge technology and is powered by an efficient Power Generation System (PWS). 

The PWS captures and produces energy from stranded natural gas, reducing the electricity cost with an eco-friendly approach. 

Investors can now participate and obtain an ownership interest in the Alpha Project. Offered at $10 per unit, each investor will have the opportunity to become a partner in this innovative project.Join todayand take part in the world’s finance and economic future. 



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