Altcoin transaction stuck (Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool) for a long time

I just setup an alt coin from litecoin source code. And I setup a mining pool for mine every transaction on the network. I try to do the send operation between two node. I add proper fee for every single transaction. But some transaction stucked as for a long time like this

Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool
Date: 24/12/19 11:21
To: DK4nt8umV4oAf4VYny7aMyf2wjPicar6QA
Debit: -95.00000000 CSCN
Transaction fee: -0.00313000 CSCN
Net amount: -95.00313000 CSCN
Transaction ID: 0c2f1621357a1f52afe3bd93cfad8e02487d831c8a9561a798d582f5d42812b8
Transaction total size: 395 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 313 bytes
Output index: 0

Have any suggetion to decrese the rate of pending transaction…??

Thank you

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