Alternative proposal for early eth1 eth2 merge : ethereum

So the idea is that:

Proposing eth1-on-eth2 blocks would be voluntary, but verifying them as part of a committee would be mandatory; this is why we still need stateless clients. So even if only 5% of validators sign up as eth1-friendly, and out of those 4% are malicious, then the malicious blocks would not get through; the only bad thing that would happen is that on average a transaction would take 5 slots to get in instead of 1.

So if I understand this correctly we’ve got a period when we’ve got stateless clients but not EWASM and the whole new execution environment caboodle. There’s a beacon chain that handles its own consensus, and a total of 1 (one) shard consisting of the ETH1 environment. You have to opt in to propose ETH1 blocks (or indeed since that’s the only shard, any blocks at all) but you still have to be able to validate the ETH1 chain.

We have the pieces in place for this shortly after the beacon chain launches, with the exception of stateless clients, which if I understand correctly is extremely not done???

Why not go the extra step and just require stakers to have the full ETH1 state? That way we don’t have to wait around for stateless clients before we stop printing vast amounts of money to destroy the planet?

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