Andrew Yang Shows Support For BTC After Launching New Party

Andrew Yang Shows Support For BTC After Launching New Party


Andrew Yang shows support for Bitcoin again, after launching a new party so let’s find out more in our latest Bitcoin news today.

The former candidate for the American Democratic Primary showed more support for BTC after announcing his new political party. Andrew Yang shows support for BTC again while being a former member of the Democratic Party and revealed his new political organization called “The Forward Party” but he confirmed the support for the broader crypto industry. Yang unveiled his new party in a tweet and he clarified what the party is all about in his video message. A few hours later, Jeff Booth, a popular BTC maximalist responded to Yang’s announcement and gave a short case for combating the monetary manipulation which was followed by a question on whether Yang will advance BTC and the free market with the campaign. Yang responded to Booth within a few minutes, claiming to be a fan of crypto as well as Booth’s work:

“Big proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally – and want to allow fiat prices to go down as they should as things get more efficient instead of assuming the inflation model. Learned a lot from you, Jeff.”

He followed up by linking crypto back to one of his campaign promises which suggests that he could be willing to make government transfers using crypto. While the crypto community is quite supportive of Yang’s words, some urged him to focus on Bitcoin alone. Dennis Parker who is also a BTC maximalist said that other cryptocurrencies are huge casinos without fundamentals. Yang responded that Bitcoin is unique in its ability to provide a non-manipulable foundation. This shows that Yang understands the crypto space quite well at this point but he even talked about the industry during his campaign in 2019.

He is not the only politician that pays attention and the Canadian party leader Maxime Bernier announced his support for BTC a week ahead of the Federal elections and just like Yang, Bernier recognized how BTC can be used as a store of value and a mass weapon against inflation.

Just recently reported, Following the steps of other US mayors, Andrew Yang ran for New York Mayor and wanted to attract Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies to New York and the state’s BitLicnese is one of the roadblocks to accomplishing that. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is the frontrunner to become the new New York City Mayor and his vision for the city is to make it the new hub for Bitcoin.

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