Any passive-income systems for a long-time Litecoin holder? : litecoin

Any passive-income systems for a long-time Litecoin holder? : litecoin


I’ve been hodling Litecoin for a long time, and I’m seeing that the price might have entered the range with the $230 upward limit and $130 bottom limit. Of course, nobody can predict precisely what will happen in the next several months or 1-3 years, but I think that we are in for a lengthy range-trading pattern here. Just as it happened after the previous boom that occurred at the end of 2017.

So, I’m starting to think about withdrawing some of Litecoin and exchanging either for USDT or BTC, and then using the proceeds to invest into a passive-income source. This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on Litecoin, but I just want to withdraw a portion of it (say, 30%) and invest passively. If we are going to see a protracted ranging trading pattern for, say, 3 years, it would be great to keep obtaining the passively-generated profits from that system.

I’ve looked through such offerings on the market, and I’m seeing platforms like, BlockFi, and, of course, the roster of DeFi platforms. I think that I am wanting to invest into non-DeFi platforms so that I’ll eliminate the DeFi-related risk here. TBH, I’ve dropped the ball on understanding what risks DeFi platforms expose users to, and what’s going on there, broadly speaking. That’s why non-DeFi platforms have an appeal in this regard, since they don’t have that specific DeFi risk embedded into them.

I’m not looking for extraordinary gains, but I’d be happy to receive anywhere around 5-10% in APY. Of course, again, this might seem like very low as compared to what DeFi platforms promise, but there are such huge fluctuations with those platforms that you gotta be thinking that the rates there will slowly equalize at around 5% in the long term, right?

I would be grateful for any tips and recommendations that you have for me.

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