Argentina’s Government Gets Hit By Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

argentina's government

Argentina’s government recently got hit with a Bitcoin ransomware attack and according to the latest information that we have in our Bitcoin blackmail news, the hacker demanded 50 BTC to withdraw the attack.

For all of the positive changes that crypto brought over the years, there are still a lot of issues that emerge and cause harm to others. A perfect example of this is the hackers who recently attacked Argentina’s government by locking away 10 years’ worth of government files. The Bitcoin ransomware attack supposedly took place about two weeks ago and according to Argentina’s minister of science and technology Alicia Banuelos, some of the details regarding the incident were exposed in an interview with Agencia de Noticia de san Luis which is the main digital news outlet.

In an interview, Banuelos noted that the hackers invaded a data center that was used by the government and that they encrypted more than 7,700 GB of data. According to her assessment, it’s about 10 years’ worth of information but after the attack, the government managed to recover most of the encrypted data which is about 90 percent. Banuelos added that the job is still far from over and that decrypting all of the files will take more than two weeks. The amount of information that was encrypted is enormous and this is why the recovery of the files will be prolonged.

As with other ransomware attacks, the hackers demanded the payment and they want it in the form of Bitcoin. Banuelos didn’t quite reveal the exact amount that the hackers required but some claim that the amount reached up to $370,000 in Bitcoin. The hackers tend to target the private sector with ransomware attacks but they also attack any individual, company or entity just to get paid. The governments have become targets of these attacks as well as previously reported when the South African City of Johannesburg administration website was also hacked by the hacking group of Shadow Kill Hackers.

Another ransomware attack happened a few months ago from another group called Sadinokibi to attack a US data center. The powerful ransomware was used so the hackers obtain the data, demanding $287,000 to be paid. There was another attack on Stratford City Hall a few months ago when the attackers demanded a bitcoin payment worth about $75,000.

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