AuditStarter Ico Review : Invest and Earn Money in Reward!

About AuditStarter 

AuditStarter  a platform for placing by any user orders for software security audit and execution by well-known audit companies through the crowdfunding. AuditStarter- a guarantee of a quality audit or refund. AuditStarter- a guarantee of the security of any software for users. AuditStarter- a platform of the software security, including high-risk area of software: cryptocurrencies and other products of the blockchain ecosystem.

Everyone can become an investor of the platform and participate in the improvement of software security and receive financial rewards for it.

Token Basic Information

Token NameAuditStarter  
Token SymbolAUDIT
Social MediaAuditStarter Ico Review : Invest and Earn Money in Reward!AuditStarter Ico Review : Invest and Earn Money in Reward!
Bonus50% Discount
Accepted CryptocurrencyETH, BTC, USD, LTC, EUR, XRP, BCH

Hong Kong

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Cyber-attacks are a huge problem and a frequent occurrence in the world of developing cryptocurrencies. Cases of hacker attacks are becoming more common, and fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated.

Market instability & new users

The cryptocurrency market is unstable, as it is at the formation stage. It requires special knowledge and skills, which are often incomprehensible to beginners. Although high volatility may seem attractive for investment, there are numerous security issues in this completely new area.

Smart contract Security issues

At the present time, when issuing new coins and during ICO / IEO there are often used a Smart contracts. Smart contract- It is a program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. Coin developers (owners) often take ready-made smart contracts from unverified sources. As a result, there are several examples of using pre-arranged vulnerabilities in smart contracts when crypto assets were partially or completely lost by the owners.


AuditStarter offer demanded, simple, secure, understandable and transparent crowdfunding platform for ensuring the interaction of users, developers and security specialists in cryptocurrency software. However, it is also in demand in any other software.

4 easy steps – how to invest and earn in stage1

  1. Choose your Extra investment bonus. By purchasing tokens now, you get from 10% up to 50% bonus depending on the amount of your investment.
  2. Get the AUDIT tokens at a fixed price for the development period (the number of bonus tokens is strictly limited: 1’000’000 AUDIT).
  3. Hold tokens until the platform launches (launch of the platform Q2 2020, start of the tokens buyback).
  4. Sell tokens to us at face value and earn from 10% up to 50%, or sell tokens at the market price and earn more.


  • Software Security Guarantee
  • Download verified software
  • Financial reward for participation
  • Ratings of cryptocurrency services / developers / auditors
  • Audit reports
  • Investment transparency
  • Money back guarantee in case of refusal / failure to verify

Token Reward – 85%

Token Reward Lockup until the Platform launch, after launch unlocks in equal shares monthly over 10 years from the first day of the operation of the platform. Token Reward not for sale.

During each audit campaign, all contributors of this campaign gets a reward.

Get Your Extra Investment Bonus


Buy from 1 to 99 AUDIT tokens (in the amount from 0.65 to 64.35 USD) – get an extra bonus +10% tokens.


Buy from 100 to 999 AUDIT (in the amount from 65 to 649.35 USD) – get an extra bonus +20%tokens.


Buy more than 1000 AUDIT tokens (in the amount from 650 USD) – get an extra bonus +50%tokens.

Marketing of AuditStarter 

Given the current level of software security and the current market situation, AuditStarter will focus 20% of the budget allocation towards Marketing and Adoption effort. The
promotional content generated with the help of funds will educate the general public about the services of the AuditStarter platform and contribute to improving software security in the user community.

Given the fact that software security is of paramount importance, platform has huge viral growth potential; traditional and dedicated marketing methods will further assist adoption.


  • Receiving financial rewards for participating in platform campaigns
  • Monitoring campaign financing progress
  • Token buyback after the platform launch
  • At the time of release tokens on the free exchange trading you are already a holder
  • Huge extra-bonus for buying tokens

AuditStarter Token

The AUDIT token is used in the AuditStarter ecosystem as a means of payment – the project’s internal currency.

All ERC20 standard token transactions are accompanied by an Ethereum network commission and depend on the network load. This factor does not depend on the project activities and requires taking into account the possible risks involved.



Dmitry Sizov, CEO & Founder

Dmitry Kotelnikov, CTO & Founder

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