Beam, BCH And Zcash (ZEC) Will All Halve Next Year

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There has been a lot of fuss in the latest cryptocurrencies news regarding Bitcoin’s halving which is set to occur in May this year. The effect that this will have on the price of BTC is even more alarming as the mining rewards are going to be slashed. However, Bitcoin is not the only coin which is gearing up for a major reduction in the emission rate next year – it appears that Beam, BCH and Zcash (ZEC) will all undergo similar events in 2020.

As we can see, halvenings are happening all around the market. Miners will see their rewards halved next year and the issuance rate for several leading Proof of Work networks will be slashed. Bitcoin is likely to occur in mid-May while the Bitcoin Cash news today show that BCH will occur about a month before that. When both of the chains undergo their scheduled four-year halving, the mining reward will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 Bitcoins per block.

Beam, BCH and Zcash’s ZEC have not all been in the focus of the halvening talk. We only knew about BCH and BTC a while ago, but now this is changing. The main goal that halving achieves is the reduction of mining rewards which is historically associated with an increase in price, as the selling pressure for miners diminishes. This is why the halvenings are happening.

Details from analysts show that Bitcoin’s halving alone will see $12 million less coins released into the wild each day based on the current prices. Before this event occurs, however, a newer PoW coin will undergo a halving of its own.

We are talking about the Beam team – on January 4th Beam will experience a halving which will slash the block reward from 100 to 50 coins. Beam has so far had one halving occurring on January 4 and the next event won’t be due for another four years. The total supply, on the other hand, is set to reach 262,800,000.

Beam, BCH and Zcash (ZEC) will all undergo halvings. For Zcash’s ZEC, this will be the first halving – now scheduled to occur towards the end of the year. Like most PoW coins, ZEC’s release schedule is based on Bitcoin’s. The release rate for the coin is expected to drop from 50 to 25 ZEC per block.

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