Become an Alpha in the De-Fi Ecosystem

Become an Alpha in the De-Fi Ecosystem


Werewolves have been a center of attraction in the supernatural species since the early ages. The prowess and mystical nature of a wolf and human hybrid have always enticed humans to the mysteries of nature. Decentralized Finance is the Werewolf equivalent of the crypto space as it combines the best of blockchain technology and financial services. 

With the same name and the ideology of optimizing the DeFi ecosystem and making it more interesting, a new contender has emerged in the industry. The Werewolf Ecosystem harnesses the power of blockchain technology to evolve cryptocurrency. With Werewolf, anyone can become an Alpha in the DeFi ecosystem. 

The Werewolf Ecosystem

The Werewolf ecosystem is a rapidly growing ecosystem that evolved from a DeFi platform to a unified DeFi ecosystem. It is a scalable ecosystem that continues to grow and encompass all the latest trends in the DeFi space. 

The Werewolf ecosystem is powered by Werewolf Coin (WWC), a utility token that also helps in ensuring a fair and decentralized governance model. The initial WWC token holders will reap the mystical advantages of the token as the ecosystem continues to evolve and adapt. The WWC token offers several features, such as staking pools, predetermined price, and instant liquidity. 

The Werewolf ecosystem also includes a WOLF coin which is powered by the Initial Bonding Curve Offering. Users can mint an unlimited number of tokens with a flexible selling and buying price that can be sold instantaneously using the bonding curve as an automated market maker. 

Being a scalable ecosystem, the Werewolf Ecosystem consists of several features such as decentralized exchange, decentralized asset-marketplace, finance gaming, Wallet, Pay, etc. This comprehensive list of features makes the Werewolf ecosystem stronger and most efficient in the market. 

– Werewolf Exchange – It is a decentralized exchange with an automated market maker that uses single collateral crypto assets.

– Decentralized Werewolf Assets (NFTs) – It is a fundamental component of the Werewolf ecosystem and relates to the Werewolf mythological theories and stories. 

– Werewolf NFT Metaverse Gaming – Werewolf NFT Metaverse Gaming increases the utility of Werewolf inspired NFTs by creating an immersive game around them.

– Werewolf NFT Marketplace – Users can Bid, Buy, Trade and Sell NFTs while ensuring the authenticity of the NFTs and mitigating any risks of piracy. 

– Werewolf Wallet – The wallet combines an unlimited amount of wallets to facilitate purchasing and selling of digital assets. 

– Lycan Pay – Lycan Pay is a crypto-to-fiat payment gateway that offers security against price volatility. 

– Automatic IBCO Launching Platform – The Werewolf Ecosystem is powered by a bonding curve contract that allows the cost of each WOLF token to be settled by the bonding curve which depends on the total supply of the token and reserve ratio, and whatever Ethereum is paid into the curve or contract to buy Wolf token, this is deposited or stored in the BCO.

The Werewolf Ecosystem has developed a connection between mythology and blockchain gaming platforms to make the concept more entertaining and engaging for the community. To learn more about the Werewolf Ecosystem, visit

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