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Best Olympic Bitcoin Betting Sites


Sports betting has been an intricate part of humankind and our history for more than 2,000 years. The Greeks were enthralled when watching sports, which led them to create the Olympics, a multi-sporting event featuring the best of the best. While sports betting can be traced back to Greece, it later made its way to Rome where it became mainstream and legalized. Since then, sports and sports betting has only continued to grow in popularity. Enjoy watching your favorite sports and make money while you do it. The Olympics is now upon us, although delayed, and brings great opportunities to see success and profits. It feels like an ode to the past, the first traces of Bitcoin sports betting go back to the Greek Olympics, and now this massive event is a worldwide betting and sports phenomenon. We want you to get involved, enjoy the games, and place your bets on trustworthy betting platforms. Below we will cover some of the best Bitcoin Olympics sports betting websites and casinos to get started on, and earn on you Olympic winners:


Cloudbet casino has been around since 2013, making it a long-time competitor in the market, and giving them plenty of time to improve its presence. You can play loads of casino and sportsbook games using cryptocurrency. They offer bets for the Olympics, allowing you to bet on most of the men’s and women’s games, as well as which country and player you think will win.

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Accepting an incredible range of cryptocurrency payment methods, and having been founded in 2015, 1XBit prides itself as a trustworthy platform. The sportsbook is extensive and easy to navigate. For these Olympic games, 1XBit has set each category apart for you to easily choose between, from Archery to Waterpolo and everything in between.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is another well-established sports betting casino, launched in 2012, they are taking these Olympic games up a level by providing a great betting platform. With their sole focus on Bitcoin, payments are easy. You can bet on which country you think will take home the most gold medals, or which will take back the most medals in general, as well as bet on individual sports games and people.

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BitBook may have only been launched in 2018, but it has quickly risen up the ranks due to its minimalist site and native token. Navigating their platform and Olympic sports available to bet on is easy, showing current and upcoming events. Pick your favorite competitors, or choose which country you think will take home the win.

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Another newbie to the industry, founded in 2018, iviCasino is proving to be a valuable and respectable platform boasting casino games and a terrific sportsbook experience. Offering a respectable amount of Olympic games to bet on, iviCasino increases your odds of a win by allowing you to select a country you think will succeed in each sporting event.

Olympics sports betting websites

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The Olympics runs from July 23rd, 2021, to August 8th, 2021, and offer great profiting potential. Above we covered some of the best Olympic Bitcoin betting sites, each has its own unique benefits, but all provide players with a secure and fun betting experience. Whether you want to bet on your nation, or another nation, as well as individual contenders, all the above casinos have plenty of options. You will be able to access odds, and could even win more for voting with the underdogs for surprising victories. Each of the above sports betting sites ensures easy navigation, quick payment processing, and enjoyable encounters. We can’t tell you who to bet on, but we can present you with a list of some of the best platforms to bet on. We hope this article helped inform you of the best Olympic betting sites, be sure to check out the above platforms and place your bets before the games are over.

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