Bitcoin ATM company Lamassu releases improved operator software

Lamassu, a bitcoin and crypto ATM company, has released a new software version for its line of machines. Defiant Dingirma v7.4 is available now for Sintra, Sintra Forte, Gaia, Douro II, and Douro models.

The new software release delivers various under-the-hood improvements along with much-anticipated receipt printing and automatic crypto-address blacklisting.

New Feature Overview

Receipt Printing

Sintras, Sintra Fortes, and Gaias models equipped with printers may now provide paper receipts with each transaction, detailing all aspects of the customer’s purchase, along with customized operator contact information. Operators are able to add their company’s name, website, phone number, email address, and registration number where applicable.

Rejecting Address Reuse

In Lamassu’s previous software release, the team introduced customized crypto-address blacklists. In this release, this feature has been extended with optional automatic blacklisting.

With this feature enabled, if an address has already been used by anyone at an operator’s network of ATMs, a customer attempting to scan the same address is presented with a screen prompting them to generate a fresh one.

This feature offers some key benefits. For the customer, it encourages them to use unique addresses, increasing their privacy. For the operator, it helps them be more compliant by avoiding blatant workarounds of minimum compliance thresholds by the same customer. Further, should scammers attempt to reuse an address or have a victim place multiple transactions, they will be blocked.

Machine Reliability Improvements

The new software fixes previous issues with dropped transactions and dispensing cash errors. Further, the touch screen on the ATM is now more responsive making the experience much smoother.

More Improvements

  • Parses and extracts card numbers and expiration dates from scanned U.S. and Candian ID barcodes.
  • Ensures Coin ATM Radar receives individual machines’ commission rates, instead of globally-defined ones.
  • Adds new Finnish, Castillian, Mexican Spanish, Italian, Friulian, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Traditional Chinese translations.
  • Ensures compatibility with the latest bitcoind and litecoind releases.
  • Properly marks certain transactions as ‘expired’ and prevents erroneous labeling of others as such.
  • Overcomes errors from common admin misconfigurations, such as omitting text for Terms & Conditions while having the feature enabled.

To learn more about this latest software release, check out Lamassu’s release notes.

Next Release

“We’re hard at work on our next release, Electric Enlil v7.5. In it, we’re overhauling and expanding the operator admin in a redesign that is both elegant and powerful, bringing each piece of information to you in visual form. Its initial release will introduce our new rule-based system for compliance, allowing fine-grained controls across a dimension of triggers and thresholds. The rewrite will deploy the architecture for following feature additions, such as analytics, in-admin alerts, detailed customer profiles, machine status pages and more.”
– The Lamassu Team

Preview of new operator admin dashboard in upcoming the Electric Enlil v7.5 release

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