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In November the price of Bitcoin decreased. The month started with a price of $9,147 and continued to fall approaching the end of the month when it experienced a brief rise. November ended with the price of $7,657 which is a 16.3% decrease compared to the beginning of the month.

The number of new machines continued to grow at a relatively stable rate, unlike the change in price of Bitcoin.

Period Start: 5814, Period End: 6061
Opened: 345, Closed: 98, Net Growth: +247 (4.2%)

Change by Manufacturers

Genesis Coin18161934+118 (6.5%)
General Bytes19271995+68 (3.5%)
Coinsource277304+27 (9.7%)
BitAccess409424+15 (3.7%)
BitXatm7178+7 (9.9%)
Covault186192+6 (3.2%)
Shitcoins Club9497+3 (3.2%)
RusBit2527+2 (8%)
Orderbob ATM1820+2 (11.1%)
LightningXchange111112+1 (0.9%)
Bitstop4546+1 (2.2%)
Intellogate2021+1 (5%)
Bitcoin D.A.V.E.1213+1 (8.3%)
Bitnovo1112+1 (9.1%)
CryptoGo23+1 (50%)
zzBit4342-1 (-2.3%)
ChainBytes2725-2 (-7.4%)
Lamassu493489-4 (-0.8%)

As usual, first two spots are similar as in the previous month, Genesis Coin was first with 118 new machines (6.5% increase) followed by General Bytes 68 new installations (3.5% increase). Coinsourcewas third with 27 new machines (9.7% increase).

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 4 or more over the past month:

On the operator list, like the previous month, Bitcoin Depot was first with 67 new installations (19.9% increase), followed by ATM Coiners with its first 26 machines. Coinflip Bitcoin ATMs came third with 18 new machines (4.8% increase).

Another operator that installed its first machines in November was Bitbox ATM with its first 9 machines.

Change by Countries

37663971+205 (5.4%)
Canada644656+12 (1.9%)
263272+9 (3.4%)
Greece6064+4 (6.7%)
Germany3236+4 (12.5%)
Ireland812+4 (50%)
Switzerland7679+3 (3.9%)
Italy5053+3 (6%)
Spain7274+2 (2.8%)
5961+2 (3.4%)
Poland5254+2 (3.8%)
Hong Kong4244+2 (4.8%)
6970+1 (1.4%)
Thailand67+1 (16.7%)
Bulgaria56+1 (20%)
Slovakia4039-1 (-2.5%)
Netherlands2827-1 (-3.6%)
Belgium1211-1 (-8.3%)
Singapore87-1 (-12.5%)
Austria190188-2 (-1.1%)
Hungary2018-2 (-10%)

As we are used to, the United States was the busiest country on the list with 205 new installations (5.4% increase) followed by Canada with 12 new machines (1.9% increase) and the United Kingdom with 9 new installations (3.4% increase).

Cryptocurrencies Support

Find the latest stats of various cryptocurrency machines here.

Cryptocurrencies support saw the following increases over the past month:

Bitcoin58726057185 (3.15%)
Litecoin40214172151 (3.76%)
Other coins41344283149 (3.60%)
Ether34933642149 (4.27%)
Dash1286132034 (2.64%)
Monero2022108 (3.96%)
Zcash85861 (1.18%)
Dogecoin64640 (%)
Bitcoin Cash23282059-269 (-11.55%)

The percentage of Bitcoin ATM’s supporting any other than Bitcoin cryptocurrencies stayed the same at 70.4%. Bitcoin ATM installations domindated in November with 185 (3.15% increase) net new locations. Litecoin was the second most added coin with 151 (3.76% increase) followed by Ether with 149 (4.27% increase) and Dash with 34 (2.64% increase). Bitcoin Cash was removed at all locations of Bitcoin Depot operator locations and had been removed in net figure from 269 locations (11.55% decrease).


In November Bitcoin experienced a price decrease, Genesis Coin and General Bytes were most installed types of machines, the United States had the most machines installed, Bitcoin was the most added coin.

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