Bitcoin Auto Trading Bot | Bitsgap

Bitcoin Auto Trading Bot | Bitsgap


The Bitsgap Bitcoin auto trading bot is an amazing tool for a fluctuating market so when the price moves the algorithm will automatically shift between Buy and Sell orders when a profit opportunity pops up.

Bitsgap is an amazing platform that allows you to connect your exchanges and to let the system do all the hard work for you. The bitcoin auto trading bot shows strong performance in both demo mode or Backtest and you can choose either for free, before making an investment decision.

Smart design

Bitsgap allows you to create your own bot trading strategy via their Bitcoin Trading Bot with just a few clicks and also test before you start investing. The Backtest will show you how your settings will respond to profit and losses when using a ready-to-go strategy.

Users can select from a predefined strategy as well, based on backtest results that are proven to be successful. Users can also assess the bot performance by comparing it to Tradingview charts and what’s best about it is that it is fast and there’s no download needed.

Safe & secure

All of the users’ funds are kept on the exchange balance at all times which means that the funds are safely stored in a secure place. Bitsgap doesn’t have access to your funds, but the funds are securely kept at the exchanges and are connected by the fully encrypted API keys. These keys enable Bitsgap to execute trades and to create an asset portfolio because APIs don’t reveal any information. All of the personal information and passwords are held securely.

The information that goes through Bitsgap’s services is encrypted with a 2048-bit standard protocol and also stored on a secure network that is heavily protected. No one can gain access to the data because of their high-security standards which make Bitsgap twice as safe!

It is also wise to use a two-factor authentication method for all email addresses that are associated with your account because this way you can add another layer of security to make sure that your account is kept safe. Also, the team is comprised of a team of traders, marketers, and security experts that guarantee safety and security. Their goal is to make Bitsgap a global platform for trading and managing crypto efficiently.

The project is supported by finances from the founders and developers which means that each dollar they save goes for creating and developing new features for the users. The team constantly makes upgrades and reports to the public, being as transparent as it can be.

New Bitsgap portfolio interface

Tracking crypto portfolios is a vital tool for traders that are just starting out in the crypto space. The portfolio is a collection of the holdings and transactions that were executed in the past combined as they show how great the trading performances and results grew over time.

Most crypto traders use an old-school excel spreadsheet where they spend plenty of time combining formulas to calculate results or even maybe use free services but you would have to enter all of the transactions manually. Bitsgap went live with an updated portfolio interface as well as a new architecture that allows all of the users to see diversification and precise information about the trading performance on exchanges.

What you can do with a new portfolio?

With the new portfolio update, you can check how your portfolio value changes in real-time but also see the price trends of the coins you have. The update allows you to see detailed information about coin performances or exchanges while giving you an analysis of how the trades can impact your overall portfolio value. What’s more it, you can easily track your trade history and see the results instantly while also being able to check your open and closed positions in one window.

What makes Bitsgap safe to use?

SCAM projects and other Ponzi schemes have a few things in common like having a magic trick involved that will bring you a ton of money in no time. In many cases, these scams guarantee a fixed income for a huge profit but unfortunately for some, it is impossible to make a guarantee of this kind in a niche like crypto.

Fraudulent projects hide information about their team, about their use cases, and more, and also you can’t really prove where the platform is located and whether the people that actually work in the project are real. Most of the time, these companies are based in offshore zones and they ask users to deposit huge sums of money to their accounts so they can have full control over the funds.

Luckily, Bitsgap is built differently. There’s no magic wand but just simple math and algorithms. Each arbitrage opportunity can be checked on the exchange and all of the automated bot operations are tracked and can be seen from your exchange trading account. Another amazing feature is that you can export data in CSV and check every information.


Bitsgap’s team has a long history of working in different crypto areas as well as IT projects and marketing sectors. Bitsgap is based in Estonia as you can clearly see on their user-friendly website. The platform doesn’t offer a fixed income nor does it promise ridiculous sums of money in no time. All of the projections are based on historical data that happened in the past and offer tools like Stop Loss that can save your funds from unpleasant situations.

What’s best about this platform is that they don’t control your information for accessing your money so the funds are securely kept. Every exchange data that you will add is encrypted inside your browser with a 2048-bit standard protocol that goes into the Bitsgap servers where the developers are also unable to access the encryption keys.

The Bitcoin Auto trading bot like Bitsgap is really an amazing project and it is worth getting a closer look at!

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