I want to invest in a mining farm. Everywhere I find only pieces of information. Help please – you need: What software is needed and for what. Where to begin. Equipment and installation conditions.

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What do you want to mine with?


his is a very big job. We must start with the formation and the budgetary part

depending on what equipment you use. Are you going to use video cards? what?

Let’s say I have a room, electricity and racks. Collected several rigs. How do I start them? What software do you need?

If you have no money, you might just install virtualbox and put a Linux node on it to download bitcoin core (details for installing this free software are in Antonopoulos’ book “Mastering Bitcoin”). But this will not be fast enough to actually mine bitcoin (well it will dig but unlikely to win any blocks at the current difficulty level)–you could have a full node for fun though.

If you are more serious, you might start by buying an Antminer–here’s a youtube video by a funny person hooking one up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz-XZL77qqs (it’s an Antminer S9 from 2017). Once you do this you’ll have an idea how power, heat, and space will impact your farm. And you could join a pool to get some reward at least:)

Good luck!