bitcoin core - Listener for deposits | ZeroMQ

bitcoin core – Listener for deposits | ZeroMQ


I want to create a listener for BTC deposits in a multitude of addresses that I’d control, and which would run continuously. After doing some research, I found out that the best way would be through ZeroMQ’s messaging library.

But I just tried a basic setInterval() with a getBalance() call to a node’s endpoint with an interval of 15 seconds between call, and it gets me the most updated balance without any issues, and when I make a deposit to the called address while running the function, setInterval gives me the updated balance, so it’s a listener all the way.

The question would be then: Can I use the setInterval approach for my listener or do I need to use ZeroMQ for a more professional and industrial purpose and that’s the reason why I came across with that option?

Thanks for the help beforehand.

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