Bitpanda Academy: Introducing our eLearning platform


Learn all about Bitcoin, blockchain and digital assets on the Bitpanda Academy. It’s free, regularly updated and you get €5 in BEST for completing the beginners’ quiz.

At Bitpanda, we believe digital assets should be accessible for everyone, no matter your budget or knowledge about investing. The Bitpanda Academy plays a crucial role in this endeavour. As the realm of digital assets and blockchain is still uncharted terrain on the maps of many, we want to tear down those barriers by offering an extensive eLearning platform. We believe that everyone should be able to invest by providing you with convenient access to Bitpanda and our products anytime and anywhere via the desktop and the mobile app.

25 lessons to learn the basics

The Bitpanda Academy currently features a section of 25 articles for beginners in English and German and we will continue to include articles in other languages for intermediate and advanced traders. Amongst other things, articles in the Academy cover a variety of subjects, such as the history of money, the basics of Bitcoin, and everything from wallets and keys to mining and more!

Bitcoin, blockchain and more simply explained

At Bitpanda, the term “access to investing” offers you the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain and digital assets, no matter your previous experience or knowledge. The objective of the Bitpanda Academy is to become the premier hub of crypto information for everyone.

Terms such as “blockchain technology” or “mining” are still buzzwords to the majority of the general public — the Bitpanda Academy aims to change this. Investing has never been easier and here at Bitpanda, we believe that education about digital assets is not only fundamental for making sound investment decisions but also for the adoption of digital assets.

Get €5 in BEST

To celebrate the launch of Bitpanda Academy, you automatically receive €5 in BEST, the Bitpanda Ecosysystem Token, on your verified Bitpanda account after successfully completing the beginners’ quiz!

So head right over to the Bitpanda Academy to learn everything about Bitcoin and blockchain and take the quiz to get your BEST!

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