Bitpanda Ecosystem Token: Recap #2


Welcome to the second instalment of the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Recap. In this series, we update you regularly about news related to BEST, statistics and trading fees.

But before we get into the stats, let’s talk features. BEST users get 25% off trading fees, plus a guaranteed €0.12 minimum value for trading fees. This means that currently, you get a total discount of roughly 70% when you use BEST to pay for trading fees! Amazing, right?

24.8% of our active traders used BEST in the fourth week compared to 21.4% in the third week. This means a steady increase from 13.2% in the first and 16% in the second week.

18.9% of our active traders are currently using BEST for trading fee payment (since the feature launch on October 30th).

To conclude, we saw that 16.6% of the total trading fees on the Bitpanda platform and the Bitpanda Global Exchange were paid in BEST.

BEST is rising in popularity

There has been an impressive rise in the usage of BEST since our launch two weeks ago. According to these statistics, 25% of our active users are using BEST right now to pay their trading fees! Considering the first few days saw usage below 10%, we are pretty happy with these results.

Please note that we will stick to our policy to not report the exact, specific amount of BEST collected and % usage, as it would be trivial to calculate the total amount of fees we collect monthly. We want to keep this figure private as we have in past years for competition reasons.

Are you inspired and ready to buy some BEST?

You can buy BEST on the Bitpanda platform or on the Bitpanda Global Exchange. You can also swap any supported cryptocurrency, stablecoin and even digitised gold, silver, palladium and platinum to BEST. Happy trading!

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