blockchain - How much time do miners spend validation?

blockchain – How much time do miners spend validation?


How much time do miners spend on validation of a block before they start mining?


TL;DR: No time at all. Zero, Nil.

There is a MAX_SIGOPS limit of 20,000 signature operations per block and max 2,000,000 bytes per block specified in BIP-109.

One investigation measured ECDSA signature verification as between 4000 nanoseconds per byte (for a 128 byte message) and 3.4 nanoseconds per byte (for a 1 MB message). They used an AWS instance “with 8 vCPUs from an E5–2686 v4 CPU at 2.30GHz running Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0.”

Given an average block time of 10 minutes (600,000,000,000 ns) I suspect this part of block validation is negligible by comparison with the rest of the mining process.

It is effectively zero because miners will likely start mining in parallel with verification. They lose nothing by doing this.

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