BlockOne Came Up With New Plan To Revive The EOS Network

BlockOne Came Up With New Plan To Revive The EOS Network


BlockOne came up with a new plan to revive the EOS network and it starts with a huge transfer of EOS tokens to Helium as we are reading in our EOS news.

EOS was one of the worst-performing assets this year but to improve the network growth, BLockOne came up with a new plan that comes in the middle of the attacks on the company. The relationship with EOS has been intertwined with controversies and as a result, EOS fell out from the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and stands at the 44th spot. But the blockchain company behind the inception now has a plan to transfer 45 million EOS tokens to Helios.

The announcement stated that BlockOne agreed to transfer 45 million EOS on November 8th after looking through other ways where it can leverage the token holdings to foster the growth of the network. The company added that it is now looking at a series of transactions in its attempts to empower the EOS network but to also target new participants while exploring some fresh opportunities and to launch a decentralized governance initiative while ramping up the EOS-powered project’s liquidity.

Helios was led by former actor and crypto proponent Brock Pierce and he had some plans to revive the network as well while it is still early to say whether these moves will resuscitate the company’s future, Helios promises to have a few plans for the project development. The organization plans to roll out a new EOS Venture Capital Fund and aims to support the development of institutional-grade financial products based on EOS. Besides, supporting the creation of necessary infrastructure and documentation for the EOS developers are also included in the roadmap. The platform will focus on organizing community events about networking, viability, and awareness. The Accusations about the EOS project were plagued by centralization and prompted a huge decline in the network’s activity. EOS was the world’s seventh-biggest blockchain and since then things changed dramatically.


BlockOne’s decision to transfer millions of funds came less than a week after Yves La Rose as the founder, attacked former developers for moving away from the ecosystem. He claimed EOS is a failure and spoke about the dwindling market cap and the value of the asset.

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