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Founder & CEO of Ballet and co-founder of crypto exchange BTCC Bobby Lee regrets supporting hard fork of Bitcoin SegWit2x, naming it highly risky and irresponsible.

In a series of tweets, Bobby Lee mentioned that he was wrong to promote the Bitcoin fork. As he stated, several years ago he thought “SegWit2x was the best path forward for Bitcoin”. However, he has realized that it’s “extremely dangerous & irresponsible to push for a contentious hard fork w/o replay protection, esp. when there wasn’t consensus. Mea culpa!”

Lee noted that today he supports Bitcoin more than ever: “Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin. Live long & HODL Bitcoin.”

In addition, CSO of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic Samson Mow had a question for Bobby Lee: “Do you still think CSW is Satoshi?”

Lee said: “It depends on your definition of how to determine who really is Satoshi.” He noted that somehow “we all are Satoshi” for the belief and usage of Bitcoin.

In addition, he wrote: “More seriously: does having & signing with the private keys prove it? What if multiple people have access? As of today, CSW has not yet publicly proven that he has the Satoshi private keys.”


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