BTC Wish Fountain : Bitcoin

BTC Wish Fountain : Bitcoin


That’s correct, the Bitcoin Wish Fountain. I’m coining this term (heh heh “coining”) since no one else has that I’m aware of. What is the Bitcoin Wish Fountain? It’s the BTC wallet belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto that was awarded with 50 bitcoins after mining the Genesis Block on January 3, 2009.

Here’s the wallet ID:

Here’s a link with the latest on this wallet:

The original 50 BTC still remain in this wallet and have never been accessed. At the time of this writing, the wallet’s balance is over 68.52 BTC and has been transacted 3105 times, meaning throughout the years people have sent BTC to this wallet totaling over 18.52 BTC. Why people would do this? You would have to ask them, but from this day forth I say we call this the BTC Wish Fountain. Send some Satoshis over to the wallet and make a wish after you send an amount of BTC that you’re willing to part with. That simple.

At the time of this writing 100 Satoshis or .000001 = $0.06. If you send that amount to this wallet you’ll probably be paying more in transaction fees so this may end up costing you up to several dollars. Also, try not to be that kid that believed his wish was more likely to come true if he tossed several quarters into the water fountain. You all know who I’m talking about. Their wish probably didn’t come true because that kid is a moron that polluted the fountain. Do not be that kid.

Peace, love, spread the word, and may all your crypto wishes come true.

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