[CCS Proposal] Continued Feather Wallet development (3 months) : Monero

[CCS Proposal] Continued Feather Wallet development (3 months) : Monero


Hi all,

I’m excited as ever to continue working on Feather and to keep pushing the desktop wallet scene forward.

For this proposal I’ll be adding new functionality and improving on the existing feature set. I’ve listed a few things I want to focus on in particular in my proposal, but there are plenty of other ideas and improvements on my todo list. As always I’ll heavily prioritize user feedback, so do let me know what changes you would like to see. I’ll be diving deeper into the core wallet library to add additional functionality or fix issues, which directly benefits other wallets such the GUI who share this part of the codebase. A recent example is the 7x syncing speedup for Ledger devices.

If you think this proposal is worthwhile (or not!), please consider leaving a comment. I’m happy to change things about the proposal to fit the expectations of the community.

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