Central Trade Review - Is Central Trade Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Central Trade Review – Is Central Trade Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?


Central Trade Review

Central Trade is a newly launched brokerage platform providing its services for traders of various trading markets. This brokerage platform is established by expert traders who know what the requirements of traders are. In this Central Trade review, I will tell you about the prominent features of this platform and how it is better than the already available brokers. 

Online trading is a lucrative business that is why it has grabbed the attention of millions of people recently, especially after the introduction of CFD trading. The reason behind its quality of lucrativeness is that it offers plenty of trading instruments. With the availability of multiple options, traders get the rein in their own hands. With this additional control over their trades, they become able to enhance their profit probability. 

In order to begin online trading, you will require some understanding of this market. Otherwise, you will not be successful because the odds will go against you. It is because no one can earn profit by only giving some money in the name of investment. If this was possible, everyone would have left their jobs and started trading. But trading also requires a great deal of understanding in addition to time and effort. It requires some brave and timely decisions also. 

If you are really interested in online trading, then the first thing you need to do is find a brokerage platform as it involves money, so the broker must be reliable and trustworthy. Brokers are as important as an empire or a referee in a match. They are so important because trading is not possible without taking the services of a broker. Brokers provide well-carved tools and helping features that make the whole trading process easy for traders. So, you should choose a broker who can provide you with maximum advantages.

It is a common saying that the first step is always the most difficult one. This is true if we look at online trading’s perspective because finding a brokerage is the first as well as the toughest step in the pursuit of earning money. It seems an ordinary work of a few minutes, but in reality, some traders have confessed that they spent a couple of months in finding the right broker. When you search on Google, you would see thousands of brokerages, but you wouldn’t be able to recognize which ones are genuine and which ones are fake. The majority of the available options are unreliable and only there to swallow innocent traders’ money. These cybercriminals have only one motto, to exploit traders. And the unluckiest thing is that not just the beginners but professional traders have also fallen into their trap.

Central Trade website

The purpose of telling you all these things is not to demotivate you but to prepare you for what is coming. You need to be completely aware of the frauds happening in this market so that you don’t step on the mine. When you start the pursuit of finding a good broker, you will come across a name called ‘Central Trade’. This broker provides its services for every type of trading but is mostly famous for cryptocurrencies and CFDs. I have personally tested this broker, and it fulfilled all my requirements. That is why I am writing this review about this broker. Read this review thoroughly because it will help you to define the road map for your future journey. 

Diverse Trading Instruments

The good thing about online trading is that it provides the opportunity to trade thousands of assets of different trading markets in one place. But some brokers limit their clients to only a few assets, of course, which give them more commission. The trading instruments of this market are volatile in nature. It means that either they give profits or losses, they give plenty of them. But there are some traditional trading instruments as well which are less volatile. These options are less likely to give any loss, so most of the newbies prefer them. The problem here is that every broker doesn’t provide every trading instrument. Traders get restricted because of their brokers. 

Every brokerage platform has its own asset list, and as a trader, you need to check this list before registering yourself with a particular broker. Keep one thing in mind that fake brokers offer multiple trading instruments, but when a trader registers himself with the broker, he comes to know that only a few trading instruments are available. So every broker in this market is not to be trusted. You should trust only those brokers who have positive reviews about them, like Central Trade. So it is best for you to check in advance whether the broker is offering you desired trading instrument or not. Bear in mind that risks are inherent in online trading, and the only way to minimize them is by diversifying your portfolio. 

Diversification totally depends on the broker you decide to trade with. If the broker is avaricious, then traders cannot expand their portfolios. Central Trade is a brokerage platform that fits the bill in this aspect. It provides access to all the major trading instruments. It provides several trading instruments in which you can trade more than three hundred assets. It means that as long as you are connected with Central Trade, you can expand your portfolio as you want. The trading instruments which you can avail are Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Indices. If you don’t have much knowledge about these markets, then let me give you a brief description. 

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies is the most recently inducted trading instrument in the online trading market. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are decentralized and don’t have any physical existence. The first-ever digital currency was introduced in 2009 with the name of Bitcoin. Now, after only 12 years, the total number of cryptocurrencies has crossed 5000. Nowadays, many people are shifting their capital from other trading instruments towards crypto assets. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile. That is why it offers a high-profit margin. Some of the famous cryptocurrencies you can trade on Central Trade are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and Ripple.

Stocks: Stocks are another high in demand trading instrument preferred by more than 30 percent of the total traders. It means that millions of people are attached to online trading for trading stocks only. These traders buy stocks of famous companies and sell them when their price increases. By using the brokerage platform of Central Trade, you can buy and sell stocks of all famous companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google and Pepsi.

Forex: Although people are marching towards cryptocurrencies forex market has still lots of potentials to be availed. Forex market, with its five trillion dollars daily trading volume, is still a huge trading market. Here at the Central Trade brokerage platform, you can trade many forex currency pairs such as EUR-USD, NZD-AUD, EUR-RUB and JPY-USD.

Commodities: Traders can expand their portfolio by deciding to invest in the commodities. Commodities are a much secure and less volatile option with maximum returns. On Central Trade, different types of commodities are available for you, such as gold, silver and other precious metals, wheat, rice, tea and other agricultural products, and natural gas, crude oil and other energies.

Indices: While the Commodities market focuses on metals and gases, baskets of stocks can be traded in the indices market. This is also a very lucrative market. At this platform named Central Trade, you will have access to pretty big indices such as FTSE 100, Nikkei 225, CAC 40 and S&P 500. Central Trade provides CFDs on all these instruments.

Impressive Trading Platform

Central Trade trading platform

The second major feature of Central Trade I am going to share with you is its trading platform. The software that is used for the execution of trades is known as the trading platform, and it is considered one of the most important features of any brokerage platform. A good trading platform is one of the most promising reasons to select a company’s brokerage services because it ensures that traders will enjoy a seamless trading experience. If the brokerage platform doesn’t provide the required tools or breaks down and hangs repeatedly, traders find it extremely difficult to adjust and often miss out on any available opportunities. Same like that, the platform should be easy to understand and use so that beginners can also benefit. to figure out how to use it.

If we compare and contrast some of the brokerages available in the market nowadays, we can easily notice that each of them offers a different trading platform with different features to its clients. No platform is entirely equal, which means traders should check out what kind of platform they will get to use and whether it can get the job done right or not. As far as Central Trade is concerned, you will see that it has opted to develop its own trading platform for its respected clients rather than using any existing platform. The first point you should know about the platform is that is it a web trading platform. It means you access it through their website, thereby eliminating the requirement of downloading and installation.

This is undoubtedly attractive for many traders because the majority doesn’t like to go through the hassle of downloading anything. Central Trade has made some considerable efforts to ensure the provision of the kind of experience the traders often look for. A platform that is helpful regardless of traders’ background and prior experience. Some of the most impressive features and tools of this trading platform are as follows:

Compatibility: First of all, it is pertinent to note that it is a web-based trading platform, which means you wouldn’t have to use it on one particular device. With any web browser, you will be able to trade on your PC, laptop and mobile phones with ease. It gives the same performance on every device you use and gives you great flexibility because you don’t have to be restricted to only one device, as in the case of downloaded platforms.

Attractiveness: The creators of this trading platform have done a marvellous job in designing the interface of this trading platform. The platform catches the eyes instantly, and it looks beautiful. But the interesting thing is that they have used only two colours in it, black and white. There is no mixing of shiny colours, and that is why it looks mature. Due to this feature, you will not get bored of trading and spend more time earning money. 

Updated Charts: Traders require a large number of tools to earn maximum profits. Keeping this in mind, Central Trade has added advanced charts to help and support its clients. Different types of charts are provided, which can be used for finding and tracking patterns and trends of the market that can be utilized for smart decision making. Traders can make trades directly from these charts.

User-Friendly Interface: The trading experience of users depends mainly on the GUI (Graphical User-Interface) of a trading platform, and you will see that Central Trade offers an intuitive interface for its traders. With this extra easiness, they can navigate through the platform very easily and find the required option in no time. It eliminates the need for learning and allows traders to start using it right away without having to deal with any complications. The one-click trading feature also makes additional convenience to perform trades, and results are visual in real-time.

Prediction Tools And Price Movement Alerts: The next unique feature that has been incorporated by Central Trade is the addition of trading indicators as well as price alerts. Both these features are highly useful and reduce the workload of traders. Traders are alerted to changes and movements in the market in time, allowing them to make the right decisions which, as a result, maximize the profits.

Market News: For a successful trader, keeping up with the happenings in the market is very important and necessary. If a trader is unaware of the situation, then he may not be able to trade the right assets at the right time. For this purpose, Central Trade provides its traders with all the important news on the trading platform. The traders don’t even have to open any news site because the broker has taken the responsibility himself.

Simple Registration Process

While analyzing various brokerage platforms, you will come across complaints from traders about the time-consuming registration and account selection process of many brokers. There are some brokers who ask for a lot of paperwork. They ask traders to fill information in many forms, sign contracts and get approval before beginning trading. These steps not only waste precious time but also put information at risk. 

Their registration process at Central Trade is very easy and simple. The whole registration process will be done in a few minutes. It wouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes to set up your account. Just visit their website, fill the registration form, and that’s it. You need to enter your first and last name, contact number and country of residence. You also need to enter your email address and a password that can be used for logging into the account later on. The next steps are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Central Trade, which are available on their platform. 

After the completion of registration, you will have to pick an account according to your likes and investment money. Central Trade if offering two types of accounts, Real account and Islamic account. In Real accounts, various variations are available. The Islamic account doesn’t have many variations. Islamic account is created for Muslims. In this account, interest is not given or taken by the broker. The traders are allowed to sign a contract on the spot when they make a trade. 

Security Measures

Central Trade uses advanced encryption technology for keeping all confidential and personal information safe. When it gets encrypted, it becomes of no use to any third-party and cybercriminals. The broker instructs all its traders to use strong passwords for protecting their accounts and investment money. For the safety of funds, Central Trade uses segregated accounts. 

Most importantly, you will come to know that Central Trade is also compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies. These are used for verifying the identity and address of traders who create an account with the broker. It is a successful way of deterring cyber criminals from the platform. It is an effective tool for preventing identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. For verification of identity, the broker asks for an ID card or a driving license. AML policy requires traders to submit a bank statement to track the source of money.

Final Remarks

I have mentioned some of the most impressive features I found on this brokerage platform. You will be given multiple choices when it comes to trading instruments, trading accounts and trading tools. Above all other features, you and your information will be in safe hands. I am recommending you this broker and leaving the final decision on you.

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