Changelly's Interview with Fred Kesser from FunFair Technologies

Changelly interview with FunFairChangelly interview with FunFair

Recently Changelly strengthed their partnership with FunFair Technologies by integrating their instant crypto-exchange tool into the FunFair wallet. To celebrate this milestone in the companies’ collaboration, Changelly and FunFair Technologies launched “No-fee November”, offering CasinoFair players zero-commission exchanges until the end of the month. FunFair will also be rewarding FairCasino’s best gamblers with FUN tokens! This week, CEO Changelly Eric Benz had a chance to chat with Fred Kessler, VP of Product at FunFair Technologies. Fred shared plans for the company’s further development and gave a few useful tips on how to avoid a bad gaming experience when playing blockchain games. Have a read!

For those who’ve just joined the party, can you tell about the FunFair gaming universe? Which products are involved in it? What roles do they play?

Of course. The FunFair universe is expanding at a rapid rate and we’ve got big ambitions in the decentralized casino space. We aim to level the playing for players once more with usable, Guaranteed Fair gaming experiences that are run on unbiased smart-contracts and not by the whim of a casino.

To date, we have two – soon to be three – live casinos on the FunFair platform in CasinoFair and Crypto Casino, and these are hosting more than 20 proprietary and third-party games that suit each and everyone’s tastes.

We’ve also just launched our new FunFair Wallet which has been developed specifically to improve the onboarding experience for players coming to our casino partners. It simplifies the complexity of blockchain security measures and opens up our offering to a vast new audience.

To date, crypto enthusiasts already got familiar with hardware and software crypto wallets along with the concept of cold and hot storage. While being a gaming dApp, FunFair wallet is something fresh and new in terms of storing crypto. Are there any key differences between such a dApp and a regular software wallet application? What are they?

The major differential is that it is designed purely for the needs of our gamers. We don’t encourage or expect it to be used for long-held crypto-storage, but instead, we see it as a solution for those who want a simplified means of funding their gaming sessions.

We’re extremely proud of its ‘any browser, any device’ nature which opens up the benefits of blockchain gaming to the massive mobile audience out there. Players don’t want to be sent off-site to use external wallets or have to download third-party applications. It’s clunky and takes away from the quality casino experience on offer.

So, the FunFair wallet is an integral part of the FunFair gaming ecosystem, right? How does a user benefit from using your wallet when sending and withdrawing funds instead of using any other wallet options?

It’s extremely integral and hopefully one of the last pieces of the complicated jigsaw that makes blockchain onboarding suitable to the casual player.

The wallet is directly integrated into our gaming ecosystem. Players can jump in and out of it on-site, rather than heading elsewhere to link external wallets or exchanges. Significantly, our new partnership with yourselves allows players to bring a number of cryptocurrencies and swap directly for our gaming token, FUN, in an easy to use the tool.

Prior to this, players would have had to acquire FUN through sign-up to an exchange, going through its KYC processes, paying the necessary costs associated with swapping cryptocurrency and, once they’ve acquired FUN, can they send it to their Metamask wallet which then needs to be linked to their FunFair registration.

This is long-winded and not suitable to our ambition of bringing blockchain gaming to a wider audience.

Now let’s discuss the security topic as it plays a crucial role in terms of blockchain gaming and gambling. Where are private keys stored? Is it required any time a user needs to get access to the wallet?

Throughout our wallet development, security was the utmost priority, but we also had to factor that in against the need for a good, recognizable user experience.

In our case, users do not need their private keys every time they access their wallet. Instead, we use usernames and passwords that more people resonate with which are linked to private key storage which only the player has access to in their accounts.

We appreciate that some people prefer the security of private keys and that’s why we still allow for Metamask usage on our platform and there will likely be more external wallets integrated soon. We believe though, that players want to game fast and that’s not conducive to complex blockchain security measures and can only be achieved through aligning with web2.0 processes.

One of the primary reasons why people come to the igaming and gam
bling industry is the opportunity of making a real profit. What advice would you give to the gamblers out there to help them avoid bad gaming experience?

Do your due diligence. If it’s too good to be true, it likely is and expect their to be those looking to get one over on you at all times. This lack of trust in the industry was our key reason for founding as blockchain and smart-contracts delivers the neutrality and transparency that players desire and deserve.

Making a profit is, of course, possible in casino gaming, sports betting, poker, and other verticals, but it’s important that the house edge is understood and that you’re playing for fun and within your limits. 

Look for casinos that will deliver premium gaming experiences, those with good-looking games, enticing promotional campaigns and well-thought-through user journeys, but also make sure the teams behind them are transparent and open to question.

Are there any preferences when choosing a device or, let’s say, a browser to dive into the FunFair gaming universe?

The FunFair gaming universe isn’t tied to a desktop and specific browsers like many of the blockchain dApps out there. We’ve developed to suit the players’ preference, not ours or what decentralized technology can manage.

I prefer mobile and our games look first-class on a small screen, but you might like the immersive experience of a larger desktop screen on whatever browser you have. So we’re not going to suggest a preference, but you can, and you can change your mind as many times as you want and you’ll still have the same quality casino experience with FunFair.

Now let’s jump ahead a bit. How do you imagine the FunFair ecosystem will look like in a couple of years? And how else blockchain can change the gaming industry as a whole?

In a couple of years, players will be coming to FunFair-powered casinos, taking advantage of the benefits the technology brings to the table but without the need for an understanding of blockchain or how it works.

They will be able to come in with their preferred payment method and won’t be required to pay transaction fees, all so they can start playing our catalogue of games in seconds and minutes. 

In this time frame, our portfolio of games will be much greater with even more brand new concepts and added functionalities that will make players – not just the traditional casino players – enjoy the Funfair experience.

Thank you for this inspiring conversation, and as we always say, “Have a nice swap”!

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