r/btc - CoinFLEX launched a Play-to-Earn campaign for their AMM+ with $10k rewards every week

CoinFLEX launched a Play-to-Earn campaign for their AMM+ with $10k rewards every week : btc


Full article: https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/21/10/23416176/coinflex-announces-play-to-earn-amm-arena-campaign

Elements of the AMM+ Arena

Trading competition prize pool
Users will be able to reference a leaderboard, which shows where you place amongst your peers and the performance ranking of the top 10 AMM users. The prize pool is divided into three tiers, with the highest tier distributing $10,000 USD in rewards. The prizes will be divided amongst the top 10 winners who have achieved the highest 7-day average APR of that week.

The process to enter the competition is extremely easy and only requires a CoinFLEX account. Users can sign up in minutes with email or MetaMask. All you need to do is create an AMM+ position with a minimum of $1,000 USD.

Weekly missions

Weekly missions are personal objectives tied to your trading volume targets. You are automatically enrolled into the weekly mission as soon as you set up an eligible AMM+ position. There are three mission tiers; when you reach the corresponding trading volume thresholds, you can claim your rewards.

Limited Edition NFTs

The first 100 eligible AMM+ Arena participants are eligible to claim an Arena NFT. The weekly champion is entitled to claim exclusive NFTs that represent their selected Arena character legend.  Each Arena legend will only have five unique editions.

Eligible users will need to provide their email and Ethereum addresses to claim their NFTs. CoinFLEX will then transfer the NFT to the verified Ethereum address, which the holder can view on OpenSea. 

Join the CoinFLEX AMM+ Arena now and start earning rewards! https://coinflex.com/amm_arena

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