CoinMetro Secures Funding Round –

Press Release – The Estonian based cryptocurrency exchange and financial hub CoinMetro has just closed a funding round of €1.44 million.

What Are The Details?

CoinMetro officially closed the deal at the end of November and the involved group of investors are enthusiastic about how CoinMetro is shaping the tokenized asset industry. CoinMetro provides the public with tools to participate in the evolution of finance while being fully regulated.

Next Steps In Moving Crypto Forward

The main goal for CoinMetro over the next 2 to 3 quarters is to reach self-sustainability. In order to achieve this, the focus will be on user acquisition.

Based on CoinMetro’s current per-user metrics, they are targeting 70,000 active users. An active user is someone who generates revenue on a monthly basis. They also project a tangible increase in profitability per user prompted by the release of new products such as TraM and margin posting. 

CoinMetro is building auxiliary products around the exchange. They intend to have their challenger banking facilities live, meaning you will have the ability to move funds between third parties and between other users. As an additional benefit, there is also a plan to integrate merchant payments so that businesses can easily accept crypto payments but be paid in their local fiat currency to avoid FX risk due to volatility. The launch of TraM (trade mirror) is imminent and some exciting new XCM utility possibilities are just around the corner. Further details will be released soon.

To find out more about CoinMetrro visit their official site.

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