Core Developer Says 2020 Is A "Big Year" For BTC's Usability

The use of Bitcoin in 2020 will be of key importance and will likely spread as new reports in the latest cryptocurrencies news show. The core developer of Bitcoin John Newbery recently took to Twitter and discussed the strides which Bitcoin has taken this year. He also dived into how the lighting network will grow the cryptocurrency, its usability and adoption.

The lighting network is an issue of contention within the cryptosphere. Some even believe that even though it is a great theory, not enough has been done yet in terms of real-world application.

The core developer began by discussing details related to the lighting network implementation and the potential impacts on Bitcoin. First, he said that all implementations now support basic multi-path payments. The smaller payments are more likely to succeed and allow a payment to be split – letting the spender to use almost all of their funds at once no matter how many channels the funds are split across.

According to the core developer, 2020 will be a big year for many things regarding Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin will also see “better support” of dual-funding, splice-in and splice-out. Together, these technologies will make channel and liquidity management much easier. In the Bitcoin news and predictions for 2020, Newbery also added that these systems will be automated and “fade into the background” which means that they will drastically improve the user experience.

He continued to discuss how the lighting infrastructure will improve. Newbery also added that the leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex recently added Bitcoin lighting deposits and withdrawals.

At last, the core developer believes that all other exchanges, merchant service providers, custodians and wallets will follow suit or become obsolete in the future. Tooling for the lighting developers will improve and with better tooling, we will see a faster innovation on the application layer.

The entire analysis by the core developer for Bitcoin was welcomed with a mix of reactions on Reddit. Some people praised Newbery for stating all of this while others took a stand against his comments. One user even called the thread “a typical lighting thread with lots of technobabble” and others gave the core developer thumbs up for everything.

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