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About is a cryptocurrency exchange launched by 21MIL, a consultancy and development team dedicated to building products and services around the Bitcoin space. ChainRift was built when they felt there was a need for a user-friendly and functional exchange, targeting casual users as well as seasoned traders. They offer an intuitive trading platform that allows you to execute orders in lightning-quick fashion, without overcomplicating anything.

Chainrift team is made up of talented developers and network engineers who are also tenured traders. This means that ChainRift is not only a secure platform that keeps your assets safe at all times, but is also a fast, efficient and easy-to-use system.

The trading platform has gone through multiple iterations leading up to the current version – and we’re not done yet! Being on the leading edge of technology, ChainRift is constantly growing and evolving, and your feedback is integral to that process.

Exchange name
Support 24/7
Langugae English
Futures trading Present
Taker Fee 0.25%
Maker Fee  0.00%
Official site

How To  Start With

To start trading with ,Indian residents first have to sign up for an account by following the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the “Login/Signup” link on the top right hand corner of the website.

Step 2. In the form, fill in your first name, last name, mobile number, email ID and password.

Step 3. If you have a referral code, enter the code while creating your account.

Step 4. Submit the form and wait for an activation email to be sent to you.

Step 5. Click on the “confirm email” link in the activation email.

Step 6. After your account is activated, you’ll be sent a 6 digit one time password (OTP), which you have to enter after logging into your account.

Chainrift Trading fees

The most important lesson to learn when picking a cryptocurrency exchange is that you must always check the fees. This exchange’s trading fees for takers are 0.25%. This fee is exactly in line with what many people argue to be the industry average, namely 0.25%.

However, this exchange does not charge any fees for makers, thereby promoting the liquidity at the exchange. This is a very strong competitive edge in the market. It is especially beneficial for investors with no interest in picking up existing orders from the order book, but that rather prefers to “go fishing” with maker-orders.

Market Taker Fee (%) Maker Fee (%)
BEAM/BTC 0.25 0.00
XLM/BTC 0.25 0.00
FLDC/BTC 0.25 0.00
PEOS/EOS 0.25 0.00
TLOS/EOS 0.25 0.00

Chainrift Withdrawal fees

Over to the withdrawal fees then. These are also very important to consider. When withdrawing BTC, the exchange charges you 0.0005 BTC. This withdrawal fee is also far below the industry average. Roughly 40% lower to be exact (industry average BTC-withdrawal fee is arguably 0.0008 BTC per BTC-withdrawal). All in all, Chainrift’s fees are consumer-friendly and an advantage for the platform.

Deposit Methods

This coin exchange does not accept any other deposit method than cryptos, so new crypto investors are actually restricted from trading here. If you don’t have any cryptos but want to start trading here, you will first have to purchase cryptos from another exchange and then, as a second step, deposit them at Chainrift. To find an exchange accepting fiat deposits, use Exchange Finder.

Simple, Secure and Swift

Simple Interface

Minimal clicking necessary to get trading done quickly and effectively.

Secure Storage platform is 100% proprietary with security as top priority. The majority of  digital assets are stored offline in multi-signature cold wallets.

Real-time Trading

Super fast matching engine to guarantee trades get executed in milliseconds.

Customer-driven Experience

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started, we’ve made it easy for you to harness the currencies of the future.

Developer Friendly

Build your own advanced trading strategies using our easy-to-use API. Visit our API page.

Get Rewarded

It pays to tell your friends about ChainRift. When your friends sign up and trade, you earn 50% of all their trading fees paid.

Superior Customer Support

Need help with something? Get 24/7 help from our expert support team or visit  comprehensive support center.

Real-time Trading facilitate trading between various cryptocurrencies which they have identified to have their own utilities. If the coin you’re interested in trading is not on list, then go ahead and fill out coin addition request form.

Here are the list of features that builds up to ChainRift’s real-time trading engine:

  • No feature bloat. Minimal clicking necessary to get trading done in a quick but effective manner.
  • Super fast matching engine to guarantee trades get executed in milliseconds
  • Market data always kept up-to-date to ensure you’re trading at the right prices all the time
  • Highly scalable architecture that allows the trading platform to perform seamlessly at peak capacity
  • Customer support as a cornerstone feature. They strive to answer all support queries within 24 hours or less.

Highest Paying Referral Program

Invite your friends to trade on ChainRift and reap the rewards. Receive 50% of their trading fees for registering under your referral link. Payouts are made hourly. Is there something you liked or didn’t like about platform? Would you like to see a new feature implemented? Then, go ahead and let us know via the feedback form!

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