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Crowdfund your ideas at is an innovative platform that combines crowdfunding, trading and customizable tokens.  By creating a crowdfunding campaign on MintMe with the use of tokens and blockchain technology, you can become the owner of a digital asset that can represent yourself and your original ideas. No matter what kind of project you are working on or you wanted to start over the last couple of years, presents itself as a solution to obtain the necessary funds for your project.

Your ideas might have a lot of value for the people around you, your followers, your audience, even your friends and family could fund whatever venture you want to delve into. MintMe answers the question of how to create your own cryptocurrency that you can use to bring that idea to life. As the token creator, you can offer personalized services or products on your own token page, share updates with your most loyal supporters through exclusive posts, or send out airdrops in exchange for supporting you in social media channels.

However, not only the token creators can benefit from their tokens. At, you can trade the tokens you get from your favorite creators with other traders on the platform, meaning the tokens you own now could yield a profit later. Everyone is able to share exclusive content that can be exchanged for the purchase of their token. presents itself as a crypto crowdfunding service that allows influencers to create a crypto token to represent their brand or their idea, and have their followers donate to them by buying these tokens. In other words, the platform provides you an opportunity to create your own token or purchase tokens with the brand of your favorite content creator, and receive a digital representation of your investment. Creating a new service or funding an idea that could spark joy in millions could be as close as a couple of clicks thanks to the MintMe platform and its unique take on content monetization and content sharing.

Although still in the development stage and focusing mainly on developing its platform and implementing new features for a wider audience such as new trading pairs, new social and interactive features, and new token standards in the near future such as ERC-721 tokens, has already captivated an audience of more than 45 thousand users, of which 10 thousand have successfully created a unique token and have delved into the social features the service has to offer, on top of the exchange and market characteristics it also has.

But not only the tokens created at MintMe can enjoy these features, tokens ERC-20 and BEP-20 can be listed in and take advantage of its unique features. The tokens created at can also be listed in other trading and exchange environments, encouraging independence, autonomy, allowing payment in different platforms, and the possibility to reach new markets and audiences.

The platform is already being used actively every day. has achieved this success as they currently inject most of their funds into the development of the platform, and add more features as requested by token creators and traders.

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