Crypto and Blockchain Intro Course: Online course by edX


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

This FREE, 6-week course, is provided by Blockchain at Berkeley and presented by staff from UC Berkeley’s premier Computer Science department.

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies course introduces the motivations behind blockchain technology and provides an in-depth look at the fundamental ideas behind the crypto-space. This course focuses primarily on Bitcoin, but also touches on the Ethereum network too.

The course is suitable for everyone looking for an introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology

This second FREE, 6-week course, covers the fundamentals of blockchain technology and how it will power the future of money.

Topics covered include distributed consensus, CAP Theorem, the Byzantine Generals Problem, Proof-of-work, Proof-of-Stake and other such subjects.

We have another article as well, should you wish to explore additional providers of crypto and blockchain courses.

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