Crypto Experts Warn as Worldcoin Violates People’s Privacy

Crypto Experts Warn as Worldcoin Violates People’s Privacy


Worldcoin is being teased as a cryptocurrency and might be debuting sooner than later. It is considered to be a vile entity rather than being an instrument for investment. Many crypto analysts over many months have indeed speculated the Worldcoin and the mechanism that it supports being crypto, and it is just a ‘dystopian disaster’ according to the likes of Jason Choi. Jason has been one of the most prolific crypto analysts there are, and he says that if Worldcoin is to avoid becoming a disaster, then some serious development needs to take place under visible public scrutiny.

The famous whistleblower Snowden has also referred to Worldcoin as a vicious coin that is out there to target the privacy of people. Anyone who wishes to invest in Worldcoin or become an active member of it needs to perform an iris scan beforehand. Now the developers of Worldcoin and the engineers say that after the iris impression is recorded for the person, their data is deleted right away.

Worldcoin is a ‘Disaster’

But according to Snowden, this data is transferred to a hash repository in which the iris scans of people will stay on forever until the technology is introduced, which would be able to distinguish people based on their Irish impressions. What would become of the privacy of people then? Because Worldcoin is going to have heaps of Irish impressions over that time and would be able to sell them if they want to, so at the very core, this coin is vile and stand against the very principles of privacy and decentralization. When Bitcoin was first developed and introduced into the market by Satoshi Nakamoto, the very principle in his mind was to back the privacy of people. According to a public statement and road map of Worldcoin, it wishes to capture the biometric data of around 1 billion people by the end of 2023. So far, about 100,000 eyeballs have been scanned from various countries, and if this coin is allowed to work the way it is at the moment, then everyone can say goodbye to their privacy and online security.

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