CryptoFlow Developments Ico Review : The Future of Property Development has arrived

About CryptoFlow Developments 

CryptoFlow Developments aims to bridge the gap between Crypto and Construction. Bringing real-life projects to investors through unique ways with the help of Blockchain. The Directors of CryptoFlow Developments have over 40 years of experience between them in Construction. Over the years they have had clients such as Apple, CompuB, i-Connect, Al Mana Group as well as a number of County Councils and Corporations. They are used to completing projects to a extremely high standard having completed some residential homes worth in excess of £5million. Every project that gets the green light under the CryptoFlow Developments process will be fully carried out to these same essential high standards.

Token Basic Information

Token Name CryptoFlow Developments
Token Symbol CFD
Social Media CryptoFlow Developments Ico Review : The Future of Property Development has arrivedCryptoFlow Developments Ico Review : The Future of Property Development has arrivedCryptoFlow Developments Ico Review : The Future of Property Development has arrived
Soft cap 50,000 EUR
Hard cap 10,000,000 EUR
Token price 1 CFD = 0.056 EUR
Country United Kingdom
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How its work?

Each project is accessed by CryptoFlow Developments to make sure the proposal put forward can be met. Full project costings will be analysed and the achievable profit outcome and time frame will be taken into account to get the best return for our investors.

Projects will be proposed on different levels with slots to suit different investors. To invest in a project you need to purchase CFD coins directly from CryptoFlow Developments. These coins are then locked in the required slots. Once the project is complete CryptoFlow Developments will then purchase those coins back from you at a value related to the initial investment plus the percentage of profit made on the project after taxes and fees.

No project will go ahead unless the funding of the milestones are reached. As your investment is locked into a property you will always maintain that security. 

As more and more projects become available for the funding rounds they will be posted under the projects section. In there you will be able to see the amount of funding needed for each project, the expected return, timeframe and the cost per slot.

Global to Local Opportunities

Global Employment

CryptoFlow Developments intend to run several Property Development Projects initially in Ireland and the UK but expanding quickly to other Prime Development Areas globally. We envisage the rate of expansion to be very progressive once establish the right team in new areas.


Some projects may initially be the acquisition of a development site. Architects will then have the opportunity to tender different proposals for the sites that they would see been the most beneficial to the Development.


With any project, there would be several engineering issues to overcome. Engineers will be able to submit different fee proposals for each project.


Experienced Real Estate Auctioneers will be vital for each development depending on what type the development is. For example, if an apartment complex was underway, they could be selling units from the plans leading to better security for the investors including a quicker sale near the end of the project.

Why is CryptoFlow Developments different?

Most Project Development companies raise initial capital for the carrying out and completion of projects and return dividends to their investors and then use that money again to carry out more projects. With CryptoFlow Developments the setup we have does not limit us to a certain number of projects as we can continuously move forward with more and more project-specific funding, which will also allow for quick expansion globally.

Finance Partnership

To overcome any issues people may see with their Cryptocurrency been exchanged to Fiat straight away we have a solution. We have partnered with a major Top 100 Crypto Company according to CoinMarketCap that will provide a finance option where you will be able to borrow Fiat against your Crypto to buy into a project slot. While you will have to allow for interest and repayment on that loan we see this as a great option as you will still maintain your current Cryptocurrency balance but also have the added advantage of possibly making a profit from the development or gaining from a price increase in the CFD tokens over time that where associated with your slot purchase.

Company Advancements

Project Slot Funding vs. Traditional Development Funding

A lot of companies seek funding initially and using that funding they plan to carry out a development or number of developments each year and provide investors with a return on their investment via the form of dividends. With the Project Slot funding system, it means we are not limited to the number of Developments CryptoFlow Developments can carry out.

It also allows us to keep growing as every new project can seek funding via the slot system no matter what part of the world we venture into, unlike other development companies who are just limited to the funding they have.

Project Running and Operations

As with all Property Development projects the investors always want to see progress continuously. One of the main delays with standard project development can be funding, delay between solicitors and banks getting the money released at different stage payments. As CryptoFlow Developments will have all the funding initially before a project starts, we cut out all these delays and as result projects will run much quicker and smoother.

CFD Bridging Loan

While bridging loans usually come with the stigmata of a huge interest rate attached to them this will not be the case with CryptoFlow Developments. The idea is to offset a certain amount of money raised through the ICO to provide a bridging loan to cut out the time it takes for the sale of a property to go through. For instance, once a property confirmed as sold it can take a number of weeks of solicitor interactions to get the deeds sorted and money transfers complete.



Barry Doyle, CEO & Founder

Andrew Silverman, Operations Manager

Colm Doyle, Operations Supervisor

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