Dash Developers Announce Official Timeline Of The Evolution Platform

The team of Dash developers will hold a special event which will be devoted to the Evolution update – scheduled for December 7 this year. The new version of the platform will be deployed to the testnet Evonet in December this year, too.

Hosted by Dash Core Group, the event will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona. The team of Dash developers will provide details on the functionality of the platform and the cryptocurrency wallet with Dashpay support. Also, the developers will fully explain the process of participation in the testing.

Dash Core Group right now positions Dash Evolution as a flagship product. Still, the release has been postponed several times. Initially, it was expected to go online in 2018. As the latest cryptocurrencies news show, Dash Evolution is envisioned to be a decentralized payment system for a broad customer base. The concept was modified several times and eventually, Dash Platform transformed into a technological stack for decentralized applications (dApps).

According to one of the Dash developers and a Core Group developer named Ivan Shumkov, the platform will include communication protocol between users and applications. It will also have payment requests and will access rights to Drive data.

In order to ensure the full operability of the services, the Dash Platform will fully rely on the master nodes network. As the lead of the Dash developers Shumkov noted, this will be a more scalable solution than the Dash network itself – mostly because the master nodes will have a high economic motivation to provide high quality services.

Besides this, we recently saw that one travel booking platform named Alternative Airlines was in the Dash news for adding the cryptocurrency through its Utrust partnership – and allowing travelers to book their flights in the native cryptocurrency.

According to the CEO of Utrust Nuno Correia, integrating cryptocurrencies like Dash cuts down on the risk on transacting in what for many is the bigger expenses for the year (air travel). Alternative Airlines, on the other hand, claims to be the fastest growing travel agency in the UK and is ranked 93/100 by the Sunday Times.

Meanwhile, the price of Dash today is $68.60 and the cryptocurrency is trading at the 22nd position in the market cap.

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