Dash Missing Funds Returned To Investors: Report

Dash missing funds

Dash missing funds that vanished along with the Dash ex-senior advisor Moocowmoo, seems to have resurfaced and he also came out of hiding as we are reading further in the Dash news crypto.

In a Reddit post entitled ‘’Developing story: More and more people reporting they are receiving their shares back,’’ the dash supporters come out in numbers to rejoice about the dash missing funds. As per one of the comments:

 “Moo has finally been woken from his slumber, and is currently sending the money back to its rightful owners.”

Another user stated on Reddit as well:

 “Sweeeeet!!! This is the comeback of the year!! MooCow for president! :)”

Even the original user on the Dash forum Erulian confirmed that the funds have been returned and he apologized for causing so much trouble to the investors:

‘’I’m sorry it turned into such a big drama, but also glad that I finally got my funds back. I’m sure some people in the community pulled some strings to make this happen. Thank you.’’

Despite the words of thanks, Erulian failed to provide any concrete evidence of the returned funds. the Reddit post continues:

 “Thank you to all the dedicated and anger-driven investigators and “exit scam”-yelling news outlets with irrational hate towards Dash who helped people get their money back!’’

The users are happy that the justice is finally being served and the return of the missing funds could actually be the result of the investigative articles that we read across the media which could have made Moo do the right thing. At the end of the day, it could have been something else but either way, it is great to hear that the investors have had their funds returned. The overall situation seems to have been nothing more than a wanton of disregard for investors’ funds. In the closing remarks, the Dash Group CMO Fernando Gutierrez concluded:

‘’This doesn’t make things good again because it should not have taken so much for him to send back the funds, but it is certainly a much better outcome than him disappearing without paying.’’

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