Discover Best Crypto Rates From Reliable Exchangers On

Discover Best Crypto Rates From Reliable Exchangers On

Exchanging virtual currencies online has become easier with, an e-money exchange service that provides an intuitive user interface for the swift conversion of digital currencies. The platform’s ability to offer a fast and free monitoring of these currencies can largely be attributed to its unique features. But what exactly are these features? Read on to find out!


BestChange is a specialized online exchanger monitoring service that helps users to find the best rates for converting digital money and cryptocurrencies in reliable and trustworthy exchangers. The service was launched in 2007, and since then, it has won the trust of thousands of users from around the world.

BestChange aims to ensure that users can convert e-money seamlessly and find the best exchange rates while doing so. This popular currency exchange site also strives to ensure that the market it presents has enough liquidity to meet the user’s demand for one or more digital currencies. And most importantly, users can save time and money while using its innovative exchange.

How Does BestChange Work?

Here are some features of BestChange that help to deliver excellent service to its clients. They include:

1. Monitoring:

BestChange comes with a monitoring feature that tracks the conversion rates of top digital currencies in near-real-time (updated every 5 to 8 seconds). This feature aggregates exchange rates and finds the best exchanger to convert an asset to another. Specifically, the platforms that will be presented are e-currency exchangers with the lowest possible commission, but the highest liquidity.

That being the case, you can start using the monitoring feature by selecting the currency you want to ‘Give’ and which you’ll like to ‘Get.’ Once that is in place, the monitor will match your query with a list of exchanges that will enable you to trade the asset you’ve specified for another. Virtual currencies that are supported on BestChange include Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Advanced Cash, Ukash, and WebMoney. 

2. Calculator:

It could be a bit challenging to determine the best and current rate in the market. For this reason, BestChange has provided a calculator to help you ascertain in advance, how much of an asset you’ll likely get in exchange for another currency. The result of this calculator shows you the ‘Give’ and ‘Get’ rate as well as the amount in reserve.

3. Notification:

But what happens if you are still unimpressed with the current exchange rates? There’s also something promising! BestChange provides its customers with an interface where they can customize their exchange rate and reserve they are willing to buy. When both conditions are met, a notification is sent to the user via email or telegram. The notification can be set to 24 hours or less to ensure that you are alerted as soon as the funds are available.

A feature of this nature can be very beneficial if a buyer is speculating that the current price of virtual currency, such as a cryptocurrency, might decline soon. If it does, then they can take advantage of the lower rate. It is also useful if an exchanger does not have enough liquidity at the moment to meet the user’s demand.

4. Double Exchange:

A double exchange on BestChange comes with the promise of allowing you to convert from one currency to another at even a lower rate. In this case, you will first convert your asset to an intermediary currency, before moving it to your target currency. As such, it may be cheaper to convert the intermediate currency to the target asset, compared to exchanging the first currency to the last directly.

5. Statistics:

An easy-to-read chart of the rating history of an asset within the past hour or year can also be viewed on BestChange. Hence, this is a simple way of monitoring market trends for a particular currency and, therefore, make an informed decision based on its past performance.

6. Affiliate Program:

A great way to earn with BestChange is to join its affiliate program. This program incentivizes users to attract visitors to the website. The latter can be done using promotional materials such as texts, banners, scripts, etc. published on blogs, forums, and social media pages.

Who Needs to Use

BestChange is for individuals and businesses around the world looking to take advantage of the best currency conversion rates and avoid losses that are often associated with other online exchangers. BestChange will prove useful to businesses that involve multi-currency payments that need to be exchanged to other currencies daily. What’s more, BestChange is one more avenue to earn money online.

Conclusion takes it one step further from the e-currency exchange services offered by similar platforms. It boasts of providing exchangers with the best rates, while also helping you to find these platforms easily.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This article is sponsored and produced by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by ZyCrypto. Readers are urged to do their own research before investing or having anything to do with the company, goods and/or services mentioned in the above article.

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