Dogecoin Gains 20% Pumping Challenge



Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that cryptocurrencies are quite serious projects in the world of finance, which in the overwhelming majority of cases are designed to quickly move to the top of the market. Developers of new coins go out of their way to make sure their cryptocurrency is noticed by investors. They embed the latest technologies into the blockchain network, use cunning algorithms and in the end, they just actively advertise their product. I have to admit, it all works really well. Many cryptocurrencies manage to shoot and become desirable for investing, trading or mining.

But not all developers take such a serious approach. One day, two friends decided to just joke, and as a result of their joint joke, a new cryptocurrency was born – Dogecoin.

How Can You Earn Dogecoin?

The best way to earn Dogecoin today is by mining, which we talked about above. It’s the best because it costs you almost nothing. Since the complexity of the blockchain network at Doga is now not high, it can be mined on an ordinary home computer, and today almost everyone has computers. You just need:

  • to download the miner program;
  • join the pool;
  • everything else will not depend on you. 

If you want to, you can also build a mining farm, but today the price of Doga is not high enough for such investments in its mining to quickly pay off. You also can do it on dogecoin to bitcoin exchange with

The second actual way to make money on Dogi is to buy it with fiat money or more popular cryptocurrencies with subsequent resale or storage until “better” times. Dogecoin, like all cryptocurrencies, is very prone to volatility, so when the general public is interested in it, you can try to play on rate fluctuations. On the other hand, everyone remembers how much Bitcoin cost at its start, and how much it costs now, so buying a cheap cryptocurrency with the hope of active growth also takes place.

Also, in addition to traditional ways of making money, there are many sites that give out Dogs for completing simple tasks. This can be either putting a captcha or visiting the site every hour. How many Dogecoin coins can be earned on such resources in one day is very different from site to site and can range from several tens to several thousand Doge coins.

Currency Outlook

It is logical to end the Dogecoin review with small forecasts of the future of this cryptocurrency. For a long time, Dogecoin was called a dead cryptocurrency, but now it is experiencing its second youth and more and more often makes people talk about themselves. Many experts put forward the idea that such a boom in altcoins is happening only because Bitcoin itself still cannot solve the problem of increasing transaction time and network bandwidth as a whole. And as soon as, in their opinion, the issue is settled, the price will fall again. It is rather difficult to verify such information, since events can turn in any direction. We can only say for sure that the recently carried out hard fork and the emergence of Bitcoin Cash could not significantly drop the rate of both Bitcoin itself and altcoins, on the contrary, the price of some of them continued to rise significantly.

At the same time, the low cost of the Doga, associated with the significant emission of the cryptocurrency, very much affects its reputation, forcing it to take an already frivolous currency even more frivolously. This fact has forced the community to talk about the revival of the limit on the issue of coins for a long time, which, undoubtedly, would have a positive effect on the growth in value. However, it is impossible to say for sure whether the developers will take such a step.

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