El Salvador to build a veterinary hospital with bitcoin profits : btc

El Salvador to build a veterinary hospital with bitcoin profits : btc


The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced the construction of a veterinary hospital. To do this, the State will use part of the profits left by the rise in the price of bitcoin (BTC) to the FIDEBITCOIN trust.

As CriptoNoticias has reported, this trust of USD 150 million provides liquidity for the conversion between BTC and US dollars to the users of the Chivo wallet. Also, from there came the money for the USD 30 bonus in bitcoin that each user of the aforementioned application received.

Following the recent rise in the price of BTC, according to Bukele, FIDEBITCOIN “has a“ surplus ”of USD 4 million, with respect to the amount that the law establishes that it must manage.

The president, who in addition to being the president of the Central American country is a staunch tweeter, reported on his favorite social network some details about the construction of the hospital. “Bitcoin is good for pets,” added Bukele.

The veterinary health center will include, as reported, 12 basic offices, 4 emergency offices, 4 operating rooms, a rehabilitation area, isolations, hospitalizations, a recovery area, 7 offices, 14 coworking positions, a laboratory, 2 classrooms. and an auditorium.

All this, according to the president, will allow daily 384 consultations, 128 emergencies, 64 surgeries, 63 hospitalizations, 128 rehabilitations, 32 X-ray studies, and 32 CT scans. The dog grooming service is also included, with a capacity of 64 services per day.

Bukele accompanied the information with a video that shows what the veterinary hospital would look like once finished. The sign “Chivo Pets” at the entrance of the hospital is striking.

No, Shiba Inu will not be the currency in El Salvador

Several hours before making the announcement, Bukele had tweeted “I have a surprise for you.” Dog paw emojis accompanied those words.

Many in the cryptocurrency community on Twitter – or “crypto Twitter,” as it is sometimes called – initially speculated that the surprise would be related to the Shiba Inu token. There were even those who assumed that Bukele is a “whale” of this crypto active.

As this information portal reported days ago, this ERC-20 token had a growth that exceeded 400% in recent days and more than 2,000% in one year. Shiba Inu leads the top of CryptoNews this week.

However, there were also others who were right with their speculations and anticipated the news of the construction of the veterinary hospital in El Salvador. It is that Bukele, during his campaign prior to the elections that brought him to the presidency, had promised the construction of public veterinary hospitals.

The current announcement prompted both congratulations from supporters of the president and criticism from critics of the measure. There are many more important things. The animals have to pay your taste and take you to a private veterinarian, do not understand why we would all pay for the tastes of some, ” said Twitter user Edwin Torres, in response to the message Bukele.

The truth is that just over a month after the entry into force of the Bitcoin Law, the consequences of the initiative are already bearing fruit, and -to the liking and dislike of many people-, they are causing changes in various areas of Salvadoran life.

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