Escape the Ogre Empire With Bags of Gold

November 17, 2019


Welcome to Shrek country, my friend! This green monster from the swamps just happens to be one of our favorite movie characters of all time, together with Eddie Murphy’s Donkey of course. We may have lured you into believing the green giant in Orge Empire is just like him. The answer is a big fat nope! This particular oger can get you some big wins though, so he can’t be that bad after all.

Welcome to the Swamps

Ogre Empire slot lives in the swamps behind Betsoft. The empire consists of 5 reels boosting 25 paylines and comes will all kinds of action. On display, you will see coins, mushrooms, an ogre, gems, diamonds and a spiked club. The wild is just what it sounds like. The stunning graphics pull you into the world of this bullying ogre and all the action that comes with it. You are under constant observation by this beast and you never know what’s coming next.


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Day or Night Mode

This slot comes with a fun twist, as it is split into two parts, day and night. The bullying ogre has completely taken over the action during daylight, forcing the others, such as the king and queen, to only be able to hit the streets at night.


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If you get the sun symbol, this means you will have to face the ogre with all his powers. Your wins can be nicely multiplied by 4x, which isn’t scary at all.

However nice it may sound during the day, the ogre has a bad temper and can get angry at times. This means steering clear of his swinging club! Luckily, when he smashes the reels with his club, his rage can help bring on additional wins. Stones will fall away, and new symbols will appear.


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On the other side of the coin, if you manage to land a moon symbol on the reels, the ogre goes to sleep. This is when the king and queen together with the others from town dare to come out to play. This also means your winnings will be able to get an extra boost of 6x.

Coin Flips Galore

This game has the classic coin flip option, if you want to try and make extra money, risking your winnings. There’s nothing wrong with that and this feature can always get your blood pressure going! You can see the king featured on the coin, so hopefully it will bring you some extra luck.


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Smashing Slots Action!

This is a really fun game, especially if you are a fan of the Shrek movies. The animations are fantastic and the ogre smashing the club is a cool effect. The wins are many and you can easily get stuck spinning these swamp reels for ages. That’s how much fun it is! Dare to face the angry ogre and you shall be rewarded. Let’s go!

November 17, 2019

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