ETH Client Parity Forgets To Include EIP In Urgent Upgrade

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ETH client Parity admitted to forgetting the release of the EIP in the latest upgrade as per the urgent announcement which was reading more about in today’s ethereum news.

According to the recent announcement posted by the ETH client Parity, which is one of Ethereum’s biggest clients, the service admitted that it forgot to include an EIP which is an Ethereum improvement proposal into their latest upgrade. Parity noted that the V2.5.11 version of the stable services was an emergency patch that they prepared soon after they realized their mistake. The patch will add a missing component known as eip344_transition for the main net.

The biggest problem stands in the fact that the error was made so close to the Istanbul update and that anyone who fails to add the patch could even end up suffering issues when the upgrade arrives. As for the EIP and what it does, it basically proposes to add an opcode for retrieving the chain ID of the chain in which the block was initially mined. That way, smart contracts will have the possibility to validate the signatures that use replay protection.

The problem with this is that the only way to do this is by hardcoding the chain ID into the smart contract. This is obviously a problem when it comes to a hard fork. Even by doing this, it still remains unclear how Parity forgot to include the entire EIP. Another thing is that the ETH client failed to explain how the error was undiscovered for such a long time until only a few hours before the major Ethereum network upgrade. Of course, another valid question is why anyone would use this client at all. There are a lot of others that are not under the payroll of other projects while they still provide a lot of the same capabilities as ETH.

One explanation is that the client’s team started out with a hard focus on Ethereum only and these days however, the running client is very much similar to bitcoiners that run a BCH-based client. How big will the consequences be, remains to be seen in the following days.

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