Ethan Beard Reveals a Strategy to Bring XRP into the Mainstream – Crypto


Ripple’s Xpring is designing new strategies to guarantee that the adoption of XRP mainstream is real.

Lately, SVP of Xpring Ethan Beard in an interview with Abra disclosed the 2 strategies. The 1st strategy is customized for the financial institutions, & the 2nd one is targeting the usage of XRP by any individual or an organization.

Explaining the strategies, Beard noted that they are developing a strategy that works with financial institutions without intermediaries, delivering a specifically customized for them enterprise software, providing the possibility to “tap into the power of XRP”.

He kept explaining: “Then we have kind of a bottom’s-up strategy where we are looking just at starting with XRP & other cryptocurrency and then focusing on developers,” he continued “and letting them integrate XRP and integrate cryptocurrency into their applications. It seems to me that at some point they meet. How & where they meet is kind of unclear…”

For these strategies, Xpring set aside $500 million to support organizations as well as teams to use XRP & the XRP ledger.


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