Ethereum Blockchain Firm Launches a Blockchain-Business-Oriented Firm


Ethereum Blockchain Firm Launches a Blockchain-Business-Oriented Firm

A new blockchain-oriented investment firm ConsenSys is being launched by an executive at the Ethereum blockchain firm, Aligned Capital. Chief Strategy Officer( CSO), Sam Cassatt at ConsenSys, proclaimed that the firm is going to be seeking to boost/raise $50 million for its initial fund in an announcement on 15 November. Aligned Capital can invest in safe AI and innovative health care apart from the blockchain. Aligned Capital will be investing in three major areas as well as crypto and blockchain, innovative healthcare and artificial intelligence according to the announcement.

According to Cassatt, he is planning to collaborate with the startup incubator and use ConsenSys software. While working full time as a founding managing partner at Aligned Capital, Cassatt who has been at the firm for five years will continue to serve/function as an associate adviser to ConsenSys. Aligned Capital’s first backers embrace some high profile figures within the crypto trade like ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, who will function as an associate advisor to the firm.

St. Andrew Keys,an early ConsenSys managing partner and exec at DARMA Capital are also on the list of the backers. Meanwhile, Long Now Foundation director of development, Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz and Standford lecturer and Transformative Tech Lab co-founder, Nichol Bradford are among the advisors. Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Seth Goldstein will join as a venture partner. Blockchain spending in the United States will increase from $3.12 billion to $42 billion by 2025, according to research data platform Research and Markets. Investment Blockchain technology sees stable growth Cassatt Sam’s new blockchain-focused fund is a greater proof of steady growth of investment in blockchain technology. A study by identity management firm Okta says that as much as 61 % of high profile digital companies worldwide are investing in blockchain. Billionaire investor Henry Kravis reportedly made his initial crypto investment in blockchain-focused investment firm ParsFi Capital in June 2019.

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