Ethereum Google Search Trends Hit Record Lows: Analysis

ethereum google search trends

Ethereum Google search trends hit record lows following the major reduction in the past few months with less attention than ever before as we are reading further in the ETH news.

Ethereum (ETH) is still the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is going through some interesting price fluctuations as of late. The Trustnodes report shows that the project has seen the lowest number of Google searches in years. It was more popular as far as 2016 when the price was only $20. The results from Google Trends show that the coin is reaching some stability with 4 out of 100 searches and there is a slight drop below this level back in October 2019 when Ethereum Google Search Trends dropped to 3/100. Compared with the other projects, there was a minimum of 8/100 searches throughout June 2016 while the number of searches in May 2016 was only 5.

These figures are only based in the US but the worldwide figures are not better either. The recent report shows that the interest in Ethereum stands at about 6 out of 100 which is lower than a few months ago when there were about 7 to 8 out of 100 searches this year in June. This leads to some interesting conclusions and the US is only interested in Ethereum for a few months in 2016 but the interest and its dramatic dropping have no apparent reasons so far. One of them could be the lack of awareness where the searches are now performed by those who research the project or the following updates about it.

Ethereum has been facing a number of issues due to the recent Istanbul hard fork and some of the reports claim that the changes in SSTORE caused millions of Dapps to fail. The failure rates were more than quadrupled which is not good news for the project. When it comes to Bitcoin, the coin seems to be having a linear progression and now Bitcoin has around 10 out of 100 searches. The interest in BTC is growing in some African countries as well especially in Nigeria while in China does not seem to care about BTC at all.

In conclusion, it seems that the interest in crypto is decreasing in the West mainly as the year draws to a close and a lot of Ethereum update postponements in 2019 drained the investors’ confidence in the project.

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