Get the most of Black Friday shopping: CoinGate tips for better deals

Get the most of Black Friday shopping: CoinGate tips for better deals


Global shopping spree, also known as Black Friday, is almost knocking on our doors and emails, announcing the greatest price cuts of the year. Therefore, we made a list of things you could do, to make your Black Friday shopping more clever and way more efficient. 

 Basically, what you need to do is:

  1. Set the budget
  2. Make a must-buy list
  3. Research prices before Black Friday. And don’t forget to use the price comparison tool
  4. Follow your favorite brands on social media and subscribe to their newsletter
  5. Bookmark webs which you’ll need for your shopping
  6. Check return policies
  7. Shop for gift cards
  8. Start early
  9. Skip in shop lines and buy online

If you want to get the best Black Friday deals, be smart and make a little bit of preparation. Go through our suggested tips and make the most out of this discounts marathon:

1. Set a budget.

Before doing anything else, set a budget for your Black Friday shopping. Are you planning to buy new electronic devices, clothes, home decorations? Maybe you already have some Christmas gifts in mind.

Only you know how much money you can spend with no harm for yourself, so calculate and plan your must-buy list accordingly.  

2. Know what you want to buy and stick to it.

After setting a budget, take a pen and paper or open notes on your phone, cause it’s time to make a shopping list. Write your budget on the top and list everything you’re planning to buy.

Think about upcoming birthdays, Christmas gifts, and things you need for yourself. Write it down in one place, then prioritize your musts, wants, and maybes. If you’ll exceed the budget, this will help to make a quicker decision.

3. Do price research before Black Friday.

If you have some specific item in mind, check what it usually costs. If you have time, check prices in different shops.

For example, if you’re planning to buy a phone, look through different provider pages. Then open your list, find the item and mark the cheapest shop option next to it. Speed up the process by using a prices comparison tool.  Here’s a really good price comparison tool list by Shopify that you should definitely read. 

Since Black Friday became a major thing in retail and e-commerce businesses, be smart and know what your favorite brands are planning. If they’ll start Black Friday sales earlier, they’ll surely announce it on social media.

Also, a good idea is to subscribe to the newsletters. Usually, the newsletter delivers the earliest news, secret deals, promo codes, or upcoming sales before it is announced in other places. If you don’t want to spam your email, create a separate one just for this reason.

5. Bookmark pages you’ll use.

Hundreds or even thousands of people will want to buy the same item as you, so timing is priceless when the stock has its limits. If you’ll buy some things online, bookmark websites you’ll use. 

This way you’ll save some precious time and won’t get distracted. Only a few clicks and you’re in the right place at the right time. If you don’t know how to bookmark your pages on different browsers here’s a guide on how to do it. 

6. Check return policies.

There is always a chance that something won’t fit or you simply will change your mind about bought items. Therefore, check the return policies.

Every shop might have a different return policy regarding discounted options. Some things might be non-returnable, and that is why you should know the rules behind them. If you don’t have time to find it yourself – just text the shop and let them help you with that.

7. Shop for gift cards.

Unlike receiving a gift and taking pains to return it, a Gift Card is very convenient to redeem. Online gift cards only take only a few clicks to get redeemed. Also, they give the recipient the freedom to purchase whatever they want. Black Friday deals are also happening in Gift Card stores as well as in other places. Therefore, get better deals for the world’s biggest brands through gift cards.

If you’re waiting for a new game from Xbox, dreaming about those Air Pods from Apple, or have a surprise weekend getaway in mind and already saw that perfect apartment at Airbnb, get a better deal with Gift Cards. Trust us, it will help you in the future.

8. Start early.

First come, first served, right? Keep in mind that there is a limited number of every item. Therefore – start your shopping early.

Some brands start their Black Friday deals earlier, so look through their web. has a very useful directory of all the Black Friday deals that are currently happening among various companies.  Usually, companies offer bigger discounts on the main day, but you’re not the only one waiting, so don’t sleep through it and come early. And come prepared. 

9. Skip in-shop lines and shop online. 

Skip shopping madness, crowded places, running people, and long lines. Buy what you can online. Since you have your pages bookmarked and prices checked it might be a real-time saver. We live in a digital age, right?

Keep your head high

Whatever you do, whatever you’ll buy, and whatever you will not be able to find – don’t get upset and keep yourself together. If you have musts on your list, always think about a backup. 

Wait for CoinGate deals

Don’t miss out on CoinGates’ Black Friday deals. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, register on our page for the newsletter, and be first to get news about our upcoming deals and discounts. 

 Go to our Gift Card store and see what we have to offer.

Happy shopping!

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