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Hello everyone,

maybe some of you are also experienced with the unfortunate situation like a thief from the exchange. Even, maybe you have already filled claim in this matter. I don’t understand one point of claim from a technical point of view. Is here someone who has already met with a similar situation or understands what should be written at this point?


Does someone know which BTC “from address” should be used in point number 17? I sent BTC from another exchange to Bitgrail. Standardly, the exchange shows you deposit / withdraw address, but this address isn’t used as input in the transaction for blockchain explorer. This deposit / withdraw address is used only for transactions within the exchange. Once you are going to do withdraw, the exchange sent your transfer from your deposit / withdraw address to the hot exchange wallet address which is used as input in a blockchain transaction.

So the question is which of these two addresses should be used as “from address” in point number 17? “deposit / withdraw address” or “hot exchange wallet address” ?

Thank you really much, if someone spends time to give me the answer which helps me to understand.

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