Here are the Possible Reasons Behind Crypto YouTube Take-down, Will Restoration Ensue?

YouTube slashing crypto content on its website has become an important issue for the crypto community. What’s more baffling is the lack of reason behind the take-downs.

The #YTCryptoPurge hashtag is starting to grow popular with Crypto Twitter as the YouTube BoyCott movement is catching fire.

Alexander Davis, a blockchain entrepreneur and advisor tweeted,

So,#youtubeboycott till they give us an explanation and reinstitute crypto videos#YTcryptoPurge

Here are some of the possible reasons behind the move.



Economic Factors and External Links

There could be an important monetary aspect at play here. According to Jake Chervinsky it could be due to the violation of a federal law, he tweeted,

I’m guessing the YouTube crypto crackdown has to do with potential violations of Securities Act § 17(b), the “anti-touting” provision, which requires promoters of securities to disclose any compensation they received for their promotion. I’m surprised it took this long, honestly.

Furthermore, links in the description box might also be one of the reason behind the take-down.


At large, YT’s recent push towards Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) compliance might have been the reason for the ban as well. The new updates according to the law requires protecting the privacy and content for children below 13 years of age.

A couple of points that could have affected some of these videos are,

In accordance with COPPA, serving personalized ads (ads that are targeted to users based on their past usage of Google products and services) to child audiences is not permissible.

If you have collected photos or videos containing a child’s image or audio files with a child’s voice from a child prior to the effective date of the amended Rule, you do not need to obtain parental consent.

YouTube Must Respond

Nevertheless, in our conversation with CryptoBeadles, he cites that he did not do neither of those things,

never took a penny from anyone, used affiliate links etc it appears to be a YouTube Algo or pack of cowards mass reporting people. Hopefully@YouTube makes this right

As the content creators from all over the world are demanding an explanation from Google’s video streaming platform. However, none seem to have heard from them yet.

On the other hand, content creators are weighing option on other streaming websites. Twitch has come up as the most likely alternative. Moreover, many crypto projects designed for streaming are also trying to exploit the opportunity that YouTube has presented. Like, Justin Sun pitched the Bittorrent Platform as a Blockchain based alternative.

Has the Restoration Process Begun?

Rumors that the cryptocurrency related videos are back are doing the round on the internet as well. We have reached out to content creators like CryptoBeadles, and Jacob Canfield, who reported that his channel was taken down; we’re now seeing that the videos might have been restored. We will soon provide an update on it.


Crypto Community 'Baffled' by YouTube Take-down, Will Restoration Ensue?

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Crypto Community ‘Baffled’ by YouTube Take-down, Will Restoration Ensue?


YouTube slashing crypto content on its website has become an important issue for the crypto community. What’s more baffling is the specific reason behind the take-towns. Alexander Davis, a blockchain entrepreneur and advisor tweeted, 


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