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Hopium of the Gods : litecoin


As we all know Litecoin was disappointing in this bull run so far. It barely reached, or depending on who you ask because we apparently have two ATHs lol, didn’t reach it. Despite this, Litecoin is still our favorite little Chikun to hate or love. Here are my reason to love it starting with the newest information.


Litecoin has constantly been marketed as the Silver to Bitcoin’s gold. I know a lot of people hate this marketing, but it’s what has stuck around and will continue to stick around. Litecoin has continued to be a oscillator of grandpa bitcoin, and their futures will follow the same path. Litecoin has consistently been disrespected by BTC hodlers for being a clone of bitcoin. The faster transactions, lower fees, and increased coin supply isn’t what makes litecoin better, it’s what makes bitcoin better. Let me explain. Bitcoin is obviously the og of every crypto project out there. It’s the grandpa of the family, the old man that commands respect and will be the first one to say his opinion on something. Litecoin is grandpa’s annoying son who helps him pay his bills online. What I mean here is, Bitcoin’s fees and slow transactions are not a discredit to the project, but a change of use case. The people looking to spend Bitcoin would be better off making big payment amounts like buying houses, boats, lambos, and jets. While litecoin is better suited to SUPPORTING bitcoin hodlers with purchases like bubblegum, condoms, and meals with your sister’s best friend. We are a team guys. We are the early adopters. If bitcoin succeeds, we all succeed.


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The fact that we have 4x the amount of ACTIVE addresses than we did 7 months ago, is astounding. 340,000 a day. Does this truly sound like a dead coin to you? Do this truly show no use case? I’ll let you decide.

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Market Share of Non BTC/ETH


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Litecoin continuously makes appearances in places you would never expect. From Nascar drivers to MMA fighters, litecoin is putting it’s name out there. I’ll be the first one to acknowledge that Litecoin doesn’t have the apex predator of marketing teams out there, but it’s impressive that after 10 years of existence, we haven’t failed like the thousands of projects that have.


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If you’ve been in the Litecoin Markets sub for more than 1 day, you’ll know this is the most hopium concentrated news that we expect will show a big bang. Grayscale has continuously loaded up on LTC this whole time. They bought LTC during it’s $400 run, they bought LTC before and after the spike. Money this big can afford to be wrong in some areas, but not THIS wrong. I expect big things will happen in the future with Litecoin’s price, and the people that disrespect the Chikun might be a little salty.

The Fundamentals:

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Anatomy of the Chikun

  • 10+ years of existence

  • 100% uptime

  • Fast Transactions

  • Low Fees

  • Available on every platform that BTC is on, even paypal.

  • Institutions love boring, but working financial projects.

  • Mweb, an optional privacy feature coming soon.

  • Flare Network integration

  • Many more


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Darth Lee meeting Emperor Yang

And finally to address the titan level fud that will never escape litecoin until everyone in this generation dies, yes Charlie Lee sold fairly mined litecoin. Whatever his motive was for doing so, whether you think he is evil incarnate and scammed everyone or truly wanted to have decentralized currency, it’s up to you. But what we don’t see is the same fud being applied to other projects. Ethereum creator, Vitalik and “managers” premined over 70 million ethereum and sold becoming a billionaire. How this isn’t worse than selling your fairly mined coins and tweeting that you were going to, is beyond me. That is not to say Vitalik was wrong for doing anything! I would be Charlie Lee and Vitalik in a heartbeat. But despite the reputation stain that hasn’t left him, Charlie has been working on Litecoin ever since. He has never left the project, and is the main reason Litecoin is accepted on every platform Bitcoin is. It’s apart of the OG listings, and will be the only coin with paypal that has privacy features. I think Charlie has more or less paid for his sins, and the fud will not change Litecoin’s fundamentals in 10 years.


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Bitcoin and Litecoin are my biggest holdings in Crypto. I love the communities surrounding them with every fiber of my being. We are the early adopters. We are future Lamborghini holders. I really think that everyone needs to take a step back, and ask yourself if you truly hate Litecoin or do you just disagree with Charlie Lee, because I truly believe that Litecoin and Bitcoin will surprise many people in the near future.

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