How to accept crypto payments to a website?

How to accept crypto payments to a website?


To start I have checked this question, but the answers were unsatisfactory. Basically, I want to accept payments of ethereum, and bitcoin (these have different integrations). I want to setup this system from scratch (python, javascript). However, searching on the internet I get no clear answers. This is a simple problem (probably addressed multiple times). I would love to hear from anyone who has built such a system or anyone who has resources on how to integrate.

The blockchain is hosted on some servers, there is a protocol to download that blockchain (or parts, and check its validity), and parse the relevant transactions. Interacting with the blockchain is coin specific and there has to be respective endpoints. I may be simplifying this, but the fundamental problem is essentially this.

Can someone give clear answer to the issue of accept crypto payments (bitcoin and ethereum)? If no simple answer can be given, can I be directed to a developer community who would know the answer?


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